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Smart Leisure & Travels Sdn. Bhd. (Reg. No.: 201901040024/1349354-K) is a Malaysian-based travel agency. Smart Leisure & Travels is endorsed and approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to promote Malaysia, especially Sarawak’s diverse cultures, traditions, arts and its people-to people’s interaction to the world.                             


Smart Leisure & Travels Sdn. Bhd.(Reg No:201901040024/1349354-K)是一家马来西亚旅行社。Smart Leisure & Travels Sdn. Bhd. 获得旅游、艺术及文化部的认可和批准,旨在向世界推广马来西亚,特别是砂拉越的多元文化、传统、艺术及其人与人之间的互动。

Image by Koushik Pal
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