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MALAYSIA island packages

Discover the most beautiful islands in Malaysia and what makes them so appealing to visit. 

Malaysia has more than 800 islands across both sides of the peninsular and around Borneo.

Browse through our fantastic deals to fulfill your vitamin 'sea' needs. 

探索马来西亚最美丽的岛屿以及它们如此吸引人的原因。 马来西亚拥有800多个岛屿,遍布半岛两侧和婆罗洲周围。 浏览我们的超值优惠,满足您对海岛的需求

Diving in the Reef

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** All packages are subject to availability

** Prices may change depending to low / high peak season

For any bookings and inquiries about our packages, call +6017 905 0309 or click the Whatsapp link or drop us an email at

有关我们套餐的任何预订和查询,请致电 +6017 905 0309 或单击 Whatsapp 链接 或发送电子邮件至

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