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Head of Operation 运营主管

Mdm. Cassandra R. Chai is a local born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak. Mdm. Chai has more than 29 years of knowledge and proficient in travel agent industry. She started her career in 1990 as Travel Consultant with Ming Ming Consultant. She provides high quality services which operate inbound, outbound & ticketing services to her customers. She has plenty of experiences on planning trips to domestic or international destinations. Later in year 1999, she was head hunted by Straits Central Travel and took her career to next level as a Manageress. She was responsible for the smooth running of the travel agency, dealt with client as well as coordinated the activities of staff. In year 2003, Mdm. Chai and her partners founded Pin Sing Travel. As a travel agency operator, she is well versed with regulations, laws as well as guidelines that related to the said industry in order to be aware and abide by the laws wherever her customers are travelling to. She has expanded her knowledge by pursuing Diploma in The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and The Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association (UFTAA) in 2005. With her seasoned background, skills, knowledge and expertise in this industry, Mdm. Chai has then started to work as an independent freelance travel consultant from year 2008 onward. She has shown exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to be able to deal with clients. She has an extensive partnership with different travel agencies from several countries of which part of them are from Mainland China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. She maintains a great relationship with the airlines, hotels, transports, entertainment providers and overseas travel agency. She is able to present strong travel proposals to ensure that maximum numbers of client can be bagged. Detailed oriented, strong organizational skills and efficiency are the main factors that made her a successful freelance travel consultant today.

Cassandra Chai 女士是在砂拉越古晋出生和长大的当地人。她拥有超过32年旅游业经营与经验。她于 1990 年开始了担任 明明旅行社的旅行顾问提供高质量的服务,为客户提供入境、出境和票务服务。1999年被海峡中央旅行社应聘以女经理的身份将她的职业生涯提升到了一个新的水平。她负责旅行社的顺利运营、与客户打交道并协调员工的活动。 2003年与合伙人创立了宾欣旅游作为一名旅行社经营者,她熟悉与该行业相关的法规、法律以及指南, 2005 年,她获得了国际航空运输协会 (IATA) 和世界旅行社协会联合会 (UFTAA) 文凭,更拓展了自己的知识。
凭借在该行业的丰富背景、技能、知识和专业知识,蔡女士从2008年起开始担任独立自由旅行顾问。她表现出了出色的人际交往和沟通技巧,能够与客户打交道。她与多个国家的不同旅行社有着广泛的合作关系,其中部分旅行社来自中国大陆、日本、韩国和台湾。她与航空公司、酒店、交通、娱乐供应商和海外旅行社保持着良好的关系。她能够提出强有力的旅行建议,以确保能够容纳最大数量的客户。注重细节、强大的组织能力和效率是她今天成为一名成功的自由旅行顾问的主要因素。 热爱旅游业也让她可以在这个行业继续作传承的教导。

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