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Group Chief Executive Officer

Dato’ Nellsen Young is an entrepreneur, and holding Directorship in several companies in the United States, Malaysia and Indonesia. He was appointed as the Ambassador of Tourism and Culture by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia in February 2019. Dato’ Nellsen is also the Founder and President of ASEAN People’s Association (ASEAN PAC) – Los Angeles. In September 2016, The ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia granted its approval to ASEAN PAC, aims to promote ASEAN diverse cultures, traditions, arts and its people-to people’s interaction. Dato' Nellsen strives to bring the finest identity of ASEAN across the United States and has been devoting his time to initiate the first culturally based ASEAN center in the Los Angeles. Using his deep understanding of Southeast Asia and his widespread language skills, he has forged stable relations with ASEAN communities, Consul Generals and Ambassadors of each ASEAN member state in California and Washington D.C. In addition to that, Young constantly interacts with the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, American politicians, and major ASEAN and Chinese media outlets in California. Dato' Nellsen has an extensive marketing and community outreach background. He worked for the largest Chinese media network in California. In January 2015, Dato' Nellsen founded Inspire NUSA, Inc., which ventures into marketing, event planning, entertainment, education and vacation planning. He spearheaded the first ASEAN Fest in June 2016 that celebrated the vast and unique culture and arts of each ASEAN member state. Endorsed and supported by the ASEAN Secretariat and all Consulate Generals of the 10 ASEAN member states, ASEAN Fest 2016 was the first of its kind to be ever held in the United States.

Dato’ Nellsen Young 是一位企业家,在美国、马来西亚和印度尼西亚的多家公司担任董事职务。他于 2019 年 2 月被马来西亚旅游、艺术和文化部任命为旅游和文化大使。Dato' Nellsen 也是洛杉矶东盟人民协会 (ASEAN PAC) 的创始人兼主席。 2016年9月,位于印度尼西亚雅加达的东盟秘书处批准成立东盟PAC,旨在促进东盟多元文化、传统、艺术和民间互动。Dato' Nellsen 致力于将东盟最好的形象带到美国各地,并致力于在洛杉矶创办第一个以文化为基础的东盟中心。凭借对东南亚的深刻了解和广泛的语言能力,他与东盟共同体、东盟各成员国驻加州和华盛顿特区的总领事和大使建立了稳定的关系。此外,杨还不断与雅加达的东盟秘书处进行互动、美国政界人士以及驻加州主要东盟和中国媒体。Dato' Nellsen 拥有广泛的营销和社区外展背景。他曾在加州最大的中文媒体网络工作。 2015 年 1 月,Dato' Nellsen 创立了 Inspire NUSA, Inc.,涉足营销、活动策划、娱乐、教育和度假规划。他于 2016 年 6 月主持了首届东盟节,庆祝每个东盟成员国广阔而独特的文化和艺术。 2016年东盟节得到东盟秘书处和东盟10个成员国所有总领事馆的认可和支持,是首次在美国举办此类活动。

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