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Group Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Kelvin Gan is the Chief Strategist for Smart Leisure & Travels with over 20 years experience in Advertising, Branding, Communications and Digital Content Marketing.
A creative thinker, strategist and dreamer; Kelvin Gan ventured into the world of events & entertainment at the young age of 20 and was seen actively marketing and promoting successful events across Malaysia which made headlines. Most importantly, the experience led him to find his calling in the field of creativity and in 2000, Mr. Kelvin joined GanForHire Brand Solutions, a bold and ambitious 4A’s boutique branding agency specialising in formulating strategic solutions for local & global brands.
With his knack for breathing life into ideas and under the drive of his enthusiasm, in just a few years he was entrusted to the role of Brand Director. In his 10 years tenure, Mr. Kelvin demonstrated his grit and gift time and again, managing campaigns and leading brands like Resort World Berhad, Auto Bavaria BMW, Adidas, Bukit Kiara Properties, Hong Leong Assurance, Great Eastern, Digi to new heights. Mr. Kelvin grew a reputation for great brand building, sustaining businesses and winning pitches, and his expertise has helped the agency win a handful of accolades, from Kancil Awards to New York Fest.
After a decade of being a brand architect, Mr. Kelvin started a boutique brand design agency in 2011, specialising in brand design and communication. Armed with a rich spectrum of experience and an ambitious can-do spirit, further empowered by his in-depth understanding of various market and client needs, he became part of the WMB Group. The WMB group, being an integrated ensemble of business encompassing digital creative technology, advertising, branding & communication, events, space design & media, provided Mr. Kelvin the opportunity to apply his expertise across a wide range of businesses. There, Mr. Kelvin further demonstrated his prowess in building sustainable businesses, strategic thinking and ideation.
Mr. Kelvin's limitless inspiration and experience promises to inject a new vibrant energy, and invaluable perspective into Smart Leisure & Travels and will definitely propel tours and travel onto the next level.

Kelvin Gan 先生是Smart Leisure & Travels 的首席策略师,在广告、品牌、传播和数字内容营销方面拥有 20 多年的经验。
富有创造力的思想家、战略家和梦想家Kelvin Gan先生 在 20 岁时就涉足活动和娱乐领域,并在马来西亚各地积极营销和推广成功的活动,并成为头条新闻。最重要的是,这段经历让他在创意领域找到了自己的使命,2000 年,Mr. Kelvin 加入了 GanForHire Brand Solutions,这是一家大胆而雄心勃勃的 4A 精品品牌代理机构,专门为本地和全球品牌制定战略解决方案。
凭借着赋予创意生命力的本领和热情的驱使,短短几年内,他就被任命为品牌总监。在他的 10 年任期中,Mr. Kelvin 一次又一次地展示了他的勇气和天赋,管理活动并领导品牌,如 Resort World Berhad、Auto Bavaria BMW、Adidas、Bukit Kiara Properties、Hong Leong Assurance、Great Eastern、Digi 等,达到新的高度。Mr. Kelvin因出色的品牌建设、维持业务和赢得宣传而享有盛誉,他的专业知识帮助该机构赢得了从 Kancil Awards 到纽约节等多项荣誉。
在担任品牌建筑师十年后,Mr. Kelvin 于 2011 年创办了一家精品品牌设计机构,专门从事品牌设计和传播。凭借丰富的经验和雄心勃勃的进取精神,再加上对各种市场和客户需求的深入了解,他成为了 WMB 集团的一员。 WMB 集团是一个涵盖数字创意技术、广告、品牌和传播、活动、空间设计和媒体的综合性业务集团,为 Mr. Kelvin 提供了在广泛的业务中应用其专业知识的机会。在那里,Mr.Kelvin进一步展示了他在建立可持续业务、战略思维和创意方面的实力。
Mr.Kelvin 的无限灵感和经验有望为智能休闲旅游注入新的活力和宝贵的视角,必将推动旅行和旅行迈上新的台阶。

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