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Head of Ticketing 票务主管

Ms Wendy Tan is a local born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak.

Ms. Wendy has 9 years of experience specializing in airline ticketing. She started off her high-level studies taking up Diploma in Tourism at Inti College and did her internship at Bel-Air Travel in year 2008. In year 2009, she then took up Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management at UCSI University and graduated in the year 2013. After graduation she started her career in Pullman Hotel as Reservation Department staff for three months and later in Reliance Travel Sarawak for 6 years liaising with local B2B agents assisting them in issuing tickets and other travel related matters such as tour packages, visa application etc.

Ms. Wendy joined Smart Leisure & Travels Sdn Bhd with high hopes that the company will be able to do its part in promoting Sarawak tourism to neighbouring countries as well as foreign countries.

Wendy Tan 女士是在砂拉越古晋出生和长大的当地人。

Wendy女士拥有9年的航空票务经验。她开始了高水平的学习,在英迪学院攻读旅游文凭,并于 2008 年在 Bel-Air Travel 实习。2009 年,她进入思特雅大学 (UCSI University) 。并在2013年取得酒店管理学士学位. 毕业后,她在铂尔曼酒店开始了她的职业生涯,担任预订部员工三个月,随后在 Reliance Travel Sarawak 工作了 6 年,负责与当地 B2B 代理商联络,协助他们签发机票和其他旅行相关事宜,如旅游套餐、签证申请等。

Wendy女士加入Smart Leisure & Travels Sdn Bhd满怀希望,希望该公司能够为向周边国家以及国外推广砂拉越旅游业尽自己的一份力量。

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