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Keeping The Wanderlust Alive And Stay Motivated To Travel

It's been almost a year now since the pandemic emerge and time does fly that much, and before we even realize, its already 2021!

As a frequent traveller, keeping the wanderlust alive and stay motivated during this hard time is quite a challenge. While we may not be able to physically travel, it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t keep dreaming about it.

There are plenty of things that can be done to ensure that you are able to keep that travel instinct alive while we are stuck at home for now.

#1. Indulge in armchair travel

Armchair travel is 'the new' travelling for now, and it is safe since we are doing it at the comfort of our home and not violating the travel ban restrictions.

Whether you want to learn something new with the likes of travel documentaries or guidebooks or simply admire new scenery in movies filmed in exotic locations, there are a wide range of options and genres to choose from to suit your style.

There are few options to do this, either join in a virtual travel event, or explore new destinations through books and films.

#2. Revisit old memories

If you are someone that take tons of photo and keep it digitally on your pc drive or maybe upload videos to video hosting site like YouTube, Vimeo and others, now is the best time to look back to your incredible journey that you've taken.

If you have already done that, why don't you try to change or get creative with it. Maybe creating a travel journal, scrapbook or use the photo to be share as a blogpost. In the other way, you can share some tips or maybe tell a great story about your journey.

#3. Cultural Cooking

Remember that scrumptious street food or the 'Tom Yum Goong' that you tried while backpacking to Thailand, or the delicious 'Soto Bathok' in Yogyakarta?

How about you try and find the recipe on the internet and try to master the cuisine before you re-visit and then see how it compares.

If you are bored with it, twist it by having a bit of fun with cultural cooking and try a new theme every week. Maybe this week Thai, and then Vietnamese and so on.

#4. Learn New Language

Now that you have extended time to prepare for your next holiday, you might as well go the extra mile and learn the language of the destination.

If you are not confident of travelling yet, maybe you can just learn for fun. It's a great way to kills time during home quarantine other than watching Netflix or playing games right?

#5. Treat Your Home Like A Hotel

Of course, it won’t be exactly the same since you’ll need to do the cleaning and preparing, the point there is to give your home something fresh and new. Try to do things that you’d normally do on holiday, at home.

To kickstart your transformation, get a new bed linen and towels. Use subtle background music (from Spotify of course) and fresh scents to set a new tone.

Find yourself a robe and do something relaxing maybe a face mask treatment would do or just drop a bath bomb in the bathtub (if you have any) and relax. Try to avoid your usual home habits such as watching the TV etc.

You can even do some ‘hotel activities’ that you might not normally do, like a yoga class in the morning or a cooking class in which you teach yourself how to cook a new recipe.

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