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Current & upcoming happenings: Things to do in kuching

A big crowd going through the Kuching Food Festival
Patrons enjoying a food festival

Image: 椰甲烧卖 - 古晋城 (Facebook)

Greetings Readers! Welcome to the long-awaited update to our blog/website, where we'll be posting more content from time to time. As we approach the end of 2023, events have seen an uptick in attendance this year compared to before as all have embraced our newly reclaimed freedom and release into the world. For the newly readjusted, to start things off we'll list down happenings that will occur from now until the end of the year. Come on and join the party!

1. Octoberfest in Kuching ( September - 8th October; 2023)

Crowd enjoying Octoberfest at La Promenade Mall
Crowd enjoying Octoberfest at La Promenade Mall

Image: Galileo Petingi (The Borneo Post)

Despite its German origins, we Kuchingites also enjoy a little Octoberfest. However, ours is more akin to a food festival than it is to a beer festival. Don't be fooled though, as there is still an apt amount of alcohol for the average drinker. To find places to celebrate Octoberfest, look to malls, bars, and the nightlife to seek out the celebrations. Listed below are locations and dates of some of the currently happening Octoberfests:

  1. The Spring Mall Kuching: 27th of September until 8th of October, admission opens at 6 PM

  2. La Promenade Mall: Now until the 8th of October, admission opens at 5 PM

  3. Siniawan Town: In conjunction with Siniawan Country Music Festival (SCMF), 6th - 7th October 2023

2. Pesta Tasik Biru ( September - 1st October; 2023)

Tasik Biru on a cloudy day with fountain
Tasik Biru, Bau

Image: Utusan Borneo

Previously known as the Bau Jong Regatta, Pesta Tasik Biru (named after its venue) showcases cuisines, cultural performances, handicrafts and exhibitions that are local to the area. More events on display are water sports events such as rafting, kayaking, tug-of-war, and a traditional event called Jong. The event was established as a means to unify Bau's community as well as promote the town as a tourist destination. The event takes place from now until the 1st of October. Don't miss out, head on over to Tasik Biru, and enjoy the festivities!

3. What About Kuching 2023 (1st - 31st October; 2023)

A crowd enjoying a performance at What About Kuching
One of many performances at What About Kuching

Image: Cyril Dason (

What About Kuching (WAK) was conceived by Kuching's numerous communities and thriving scene to celebrate Kuching's arts, culture, and lifestyle. During the festival, expect to see people from all walks of life showcasing, performing, and selling items that have become Kuching's heritage; A love letter to its melting pot of culture. There's a huge variety of events/performances/vendors and the lineup changes every year, so in any case just go with the flow when you arrive at WAK 2023. The event will run through the entirety of October, listed, but not limited to these locations:

  1. Old Court House

  2. Plaza Merdeka

  3. Carpenter Street

  4. Bishopsgate

  5. Havana Cafe

  6. And many, many more.

4. Siniawan Country Music Festival 2023 (6th - 8th October; 2023)

Crowd enjoying a country music set at Siniawan Country Music Festival
The vibrant crowd at a country music set

Image: Sarawak Tourism

Howdy country music lovers! Itching to scratch your Americana needs? Then look no further than the Siniawan Country Music Festival (SCMF)! With 6 annual showings, the event has turned from classic busking on the sidewalk into the premier country music festival in Kuching. Running in tandem with Siniawan Oktoberfest, expect good vibes all around when paired with good food, atmosphere, and last but definitely not least, music. SCMF takes place at Siniawan Old Town from the 6th until the 8th of October, so whatever you do, try not to miss out on this unique experience.

5. Borneo Sonic Music Festival (6th - 7th October; 2023)

Borneo Sonic Music Festival Logo, rainbow colors, hornbill
The official logo of the Borneo Sonic Music Festival

Image: Borneo Sonic

In contrast to SCMF, the Borneo Sonic Music Festival (BSMF) that's debuting this year is an ode to the current contemporary music scene. With artists such as Taeyang (Big Bang), CL, Hyo, Suho (EXO), and more coming to perform, BSMF is bound to be a weekend of the ages as concerts are a precious rarity here in Kuching. BSMF is a weekend festival starting from the 6th until the 7th of October at the Sarawak Stadium. If you happen to be interested, click here and feel free to take a look at our packages on offer.

6. Mooncake Festival (20th September - 1st October; 2023)

A crowd walking through a street, night time, tents
The bustling crowd eyeing the food

Image: Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival (Facebook)

The Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival (KIMF, 20th-29th Sept.) and the Batu Kawa Mooncake Festival (BKMF; 23rd Sept. - 1st Oct.) are food festivals thrown to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival. Both Carpenter Street and the Batu Kawa Bazaar are turned into a congregation of culture, cuisine, and company. Both festivals open at 5 pm and end at 11 pm, leaving an ample amount of time to be able to ravage the booths of their unique cuisines. While partaking in the consumption of food stuffs, enjoy the Chinese cultural performances along the beautifully decorated lantern-lit streets. KIMF is available to attend now until the 29th of September, while BKMF is also open until the 1st of October. In any case, get to these festivals while you can!

7. Sarawak Regatta (27th - 29th October; 2023)

Boat race, Regatta, River, Kuching Waterfront, Darul Hana Bridge
Racers of the Regatta making their way to the finish

Image: BorneoTalk

A historically significant landmark annual event, the Sarawak International Dragon Boat Regatta (SIDBR) is a race that is and always be a grand affair. Dating back to 1872, the Regatta started off as a sort of peace treaty as James Brooke coerced the indigenous Sarawakian tribes to have boat races rather than wars to prove their strength and fighting spirit. Brooke's actions were successful in creating peace and thusly, the Regatta has become a symbolic and cherished event for Kuchingites over the years. Taking place from the 27th until the 29th of October along the Kuching Waterfront, please do free up your schedules to watch, it'll be worth it.

With no shortage of things to do in Kuching until the end of this year, now would be the best time to go and indulge the events on offer. Make the best of memories with the best company.

For more info, check out the rest of the website or feel free to shoot over an inquiry to us!



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