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5 Best Travel Movies To Watch On Netflix

Almost a year ago, our border are close for holiday or leisure purposes and our bet is everyone are eager to travel again if the condition is getting better, and it is safe to travel overseas again. As for now, almost every week, there are inquiry about domestic travel packages and most of our friends did share their holiday here and there inside Malaysia.

#MondayMotivation today is all about travel related movies that you need to watch on Netflix to prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime.

If you ask me, my travel journey also started because of a movie, and it takes me all the way to Bali for my first solo travel experience.

Speaking about inspiring movie, of course everyone will have their own favourite movie that takes or make them remember or even make us want to go to the place immediately. Personally, I can say 'Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2' which portray the beautiful and amazing part of Yogyakarta or 5cm, that shows the beautiful Ranu Kumbolo.

In general, people often watch movies for the same reasons they read books; which is to transport themselves to lands far away and watching movies about foreign locations may be the closest they ever get to being there.

Here, we have listed out 10 best travel movies on Netflix to get you interested in tourism through entertainment

#1. Murder Mystery

Voted as the Favorite Comedic Movie by People's Choice Awards, Murder Mystery is about a New York couple (Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston) joins a yacht party in Italy while celebrating their 15th anniversary. When murders occur on the boat, the couple must figure out who the killer is or take the blame themselves.

The plot in “Murder Mystery” may be hokey, but the scenery is impressive since the setting are mostly a yacht in waters around Italy.

#2. Wine Country

What can you ask more when you have a holiday with a large group of people coming together from across the country to drink alcohol!

In this comedy, long-time friends spend a weekend in Napa Valley together to celebrate one of their 50th birthdays. During the trip, each woman reveals something she’s struggling with in her life outside the group friendship.

#3. Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is the story of one Elizabeth Gilbert who was going through a painful divorce.

In the movie, Elizabeth comes out of her comfort zone to change her life - out on a year-long holiday, leaving her work and home behind to wander the world, heal and rediscover herself.

The adventurous trip that takes place in Europe and Asia, Elizabeth realizes the true pleasures of life. She finds peace while attending a prayer in India. And a trip to Bali makes her aware of true love.

The true story is testimony to the notion that travel can heal a person inside out.

#4. Love, Wedding, Repeat

In this romantic comedy, variations of the same wedding day lead two people either together or apart, depending on changes in seating arrangements.

The variations show that small “butterfly effects” can have an impact on whether love works out or doesn’t.

#5. The Laundromat

This movie essentially starts with a holiday gone not according to the plan and features a dark cautionary tale related to travel and also showcases many scenic locales.

Global locations including Panama City, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Chongqing, China are featured in this 1 hour and 35 minutes comedy featuring star like Antonio Banderas, Gary Oldman, Meryl Streep and more!

If that's not enough, why don't you continue with Travel Related Series that we compiled in 2020.


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