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5 Best Virtual Travel Experiences 2021

It's all 2020 over again in Malaysia as the daily reported Covid-19 cases rises up to 4 digits daily, and we are back to Movement Control Order (MCO) - at least to 5 states and 3 federal territories.

With the restriction of travelling all over again, Malaysians are in concern about the period and the government plan as it is really unclear. Will it be shortened, will it be prolonged? So far, it is safe to say that we can say goodbye to the first few long weekends of 2021.

Since we are all will be stuck at home for another week, virtual meetings, working and others are considered the norm nowadays. How about holiday? Well, for the time being, keep your passport away, go for domestic travel after we can travel again and... if you really - really want to go somewhere out, lets do it virtually too!

Although it can't replace the excitement of hunting cheap tickets or 'fighting' with the taxi driver that charge you extra; virtual travel is the safest option (at least in current situation).

Let's see the '5 Best Virtual Travel Experience' in 2021 that we found (of course-virtually too!) :

#1. Tour The Red-Light District Of Amsterdam

Yes, you read it right. The virtual tour of the infamous Red-Light District of Amsterdam!

The virtual tour will be guided by the local husband and wife team, Ian and Salomé starting from their artisanal chocolate shop in the De Wallen red-light district.

The tour is organized through Vancouver-based ToursByLocals, which has launched more than 150 virtual experiences since the pandemic began.

The tour will start with a brief intro into the tour and about the couple background. Then, they will start to walk through the area and take you to places where usually filming is not allowed.

You are also able to share the Live Virtual Tour booking link to up to 5 friends, and explore Amsterdam together starting from $94 USD PER TOUR (RM380 +/-). Roughly RM76 per person if you can find 4 others to join you for the virtual tour.

#2. Tour of the Mary Rose, Portsmouth

Since the start of the pandemic, Visit Portsmouth has launched a number of virtual tours and its latest project is guaranteed to fascinate budding young historians.

The new interactive photosphere of the Mary Rose rotates 360 degrees along a walkway between the vessel’s wooden carcass and the artefacts that were found with the 16th-century wreck – and provides a good second-best to visiting in person.

On top of that, The Mary Rose Museum holds the largest collection of Tudor artefacts of its kind in the world and the photosphere lays out all the key discoveries from Henry VIII’s favourite warship through rotating clickable icons.

View The Mary Rose from the comfort of your chair at home. The tour is totally FREE and we can assure you that at least, you will learn something new.

#3. Birdwatching on Florida’s Paradise Coast

From the comfort of your computer, you will take you on a virtual tour of the amazing mudflats of Tigertail Beach. You will see what birds are out there in real time through a virtual spotting scope while viewing photos and receiving clues to look for to help you identify these birds in the field.

Peregrine falcons, pelicans and even bald eagles can be found among the more than 200 species of birds that use south-west Florida’s Tigertail beach.

During new 90-minute educational tours, the shifting array of birdlife can be viewed in real-time through virtual binoculars placed along the beach, supplemented by photos. Sessions will be held monthly until April 2021, hosted by biologists Adam DiNuovo of conservation organization Audubon Florida, and Collette Lauzau of the local Rookery Bay research reserve.

Each month the birds species and their appearance will change, so we encourage you to join the tour for the entire series. No two sessions will be the same!

If you are keen to join, the next event is tomorrow (16 January), and this month you can combine a birdwatching tour with other online starting from $10 (RM40 +/-) via TripAdvisor.

#4. Walk the medieval streets of Transylvania

Romanian tour guide Vlad Blaj spent last summer recording virtual tours and in 'the Mysteries of Medieval Braşov' tour, participants can take a guided walk with Blaj through one of the most important towns of Saxon Transylvania, augmented by old photos, illustrations and maps.

Blaj added that this is not a slideshow presentation, but an interactive recording, walking you through the actual sites, similar to a documentary. On top of that, you are able to choose which direction the tour goes, and you can pause and continue at any time (the tour is always accessible online).

You'll follow and visit some major landmarks, getting a more in-depth perspective, while discovering hidden stories and secret legends only a local would know about starting from £15 per tour (RM83).

#5. Explore hidden corners of London

Launched in June last year, the Footprints of London’s virtual tour series has been quite popular and in demand.

The group tours combine live video-chat with PowerPoint compilations of photos taken over the course of 2020, along with using historical materials.

One of the benefits, is that it allows you to cover more ground, combining sights that are not walkable from each other starting just at £6 per tour (RM33).

See available virtual tour here.



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