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Niseko : 10 Best Things To Do

Niseko is an adventure paradise and there is something for everyone! Discover everything it has to offer and make the most of your time in this amazing part of the world. If you're wondering what to do in Niseko when you're not skiing, you're in luck: the area is home to a variety of incredible cultural activities that are all within easy reach.

Half-Day Activities in Niseko:

1. Shu Ogawara Museum

2. Somoza Gallery

3. Onsen: Japanese Hot Springs

4. Niseko Shopping

5. Eating and Drinking

Visitors visiting Niseko will be impressed by the quality and variety of alternatives available, which range from high-end European fusion restaurants to intimate local cafés.

Whole-Day Trips Near Niseko:

6. Lake Toyako

7. Hot Springs with a View

The open-air onsen at Toya Kohantei has one of the most stunning onsen views in Japan, if not all of Japan (see map).

Bathers can soak in rich mineral water while admiring the wonderful views of Lake Toya, Mount Yotei, and Nakajima Island from atop a luxurious spa.

8. Toyako Fine Dining

Enjoy the finest Japanese cuisine in one of Niseko's full-service fine dining restaurants, which serve everything from French fusion to wagyu beef in a modern setting.

From Niseko's top and Michelin-awarded chefs, expect nothing but the best.

9. Otaru

Otaru, which clings to the rough Hokkaido coast just south of Sapporo, is known for its immaculately maintained old buildings and delectable seafood. It's a quick 90-minute drive or a direct train ride from any of the Niseko area stations.

If you’re here between February 8-17, you will also be lucky enough to catch the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival. The main light display takes place around the Otaru Canal where lights and candles are suspended over the water and placed within ice and snow sculptures on both banks.

10. Otaru Seafood



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