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Top 5 Dining Experience In Niseko Village

Niseko is well-known as one of Japan's top five ski resorts, with a wide range of culinary options. Whether you're dining in a family restaurant or experiencing the sophistication of a 5-star service, they'll tantalize your taste buds.

We've got you covered if you're wondering where to dine in Niseko. Here is a list of 5 must-visit restaurants in Niseko to sample the best of the region's food.

#1. Pirka, Teppanyaki Restaurant, Hilton Niseko Village

The teppanyaki chef's culinary theatrics and the mouth-watering scents wafting from the finest quality steak, seafood, and seasonal vegetables cooked right in front of you on a scorching hot teppan plate are a feast for the senses.

#2. Crab Shack, Niseko Village

Choose from a daily and seasonally changing seafood marketplace exhibit. The fragrances and cooking methods, whether steamed kaizoku-yaki, konro grilled, or your preferred manner, offer the theatrical against the rustic fishing antiques and paraphernalia décor that evokes a Hokkaido boathouse atmosphere.

#3. Rakuichi Soba

Tatsuru Rai, a well-known soba master, runs a 12-seat restaurant with his wife Midori, which is considered one of the world's best soba houses. All the buckwheat is mixed, kneaded, and cut to order.

The family is always dressed neatly in kimono and yukata, welcoming each customer as they enter the comfortable interior space and studying the daily menu, which is handwritten by Midori.

#4. Niseko Barn

The Niseko Barn has a strong emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, and you can almost taste the passion with which the team creates their food. The steamed Hokkaido mussels in sake are a must-try, and the flame-grilled wagyu sushi is a must-try as well.

#5. Izakaya Raku

In Niseko, Izakaya Raku is a sure bet for a nice night of eating and drinking. It's a rather large space, but because to the charcoal barbecues and the good sake variety, it seems lovely and cosy. They have some delicious seafood here, especially the stuffed squid.



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