A to Z Travel Guide To Perlis

We receive a lot of positive feedback with our A to Z Guide To Bako National Park, and so, we decided to make 'it' a thing in our blog from now on!

Our A to Z Travel Guide will have the answer to all questions about any destination. In this case, we shall start with, Perlis - The northernmost state of Malaysia that is close to Langkawi but is often overlooked.

Perlis - A Brief Introduction

Perlis, also known by its honorific title Perlis Indera Kayangan located at the northern part of the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and has the Satun and Songkhla Provinces of Thailand on its northern border. It is also bordered by the state of Kedah to the south.

Fact : Did you know that Perlis was originally part of Kedah ? It occasionally came under rule by Siam or Aceh. Perlis was historically an important realm within the Kingdom of Kedah.

There are 12 town in Perlis starting from :

  • Arau ( Royal Capital)

  • Beseri

  • Chuping

  • Kaki Bukit

  • Kangar (Capital)

  • Kuala Perlis

  • Mata Ayer

  • Padang Besar

  • Pauh

  • Sanglang

  • Simpang Empat

  • Wang Kelian

Each of the area mention above has their own uniqueness and trust me, there is a lot to see in Perlis!

A to Z Travel Guide To Perlis :

Attraction In Perlis

Best Place In Perlis

Capital City Of Perlis
Cafe In Perlis

Food Of Perlis
Floating Market Perlis

Getting To Perlis

Hotel In Perlis
Hiking Spot 


Resort In Perlis

Shopping Mall
Snake Park



Perlis can be said has a vast paddy fields spread as far as the eyes can see and jutting limestone hills that stood as a beautiful backdrop! Not only that, there is a lot of attraction in Perlis that you can go to. There are something for any type of traveller.

Say, if you want adventure, you can experience Gua Kelam or hike up Bukit Chabang, Bukit Tok Dun, Bukit Keteri and more!

If you want nature, you can explore Taman Negeri Perlis, Taman Rekreasi Bukit Ayer or even learn about all the herbs in Taman Rimba Herba. Have a look at the Nature Spots To Check Out While In Perlis.


As of now, there is no airport in Perlis although there is a plan to build it in Chuping back in 2015.

The nearest airport will be the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport in Alor Setar, 35 kilometres from Kangar or the Langkawi International Airport in Langkawi.



Beach in Perlis is one of the most searched / asked questions.

The answer is yes, Perlis do have a beach.

Beach In Perlis
Photo Credit : TrekEarth

The Perlis beach stretches over 17 kilometres, from Kuala Perlis to Kuala Sanglang, but famous spots are in Kuala Perlis, Kurong Tengar and Kuala Sungai Baharu.

But; if you are looking to enjoy clear blue waters and white, sandy beaches, the Perlis beach may disappoint you. The beach may be muddy, but the view is priceless!

Thousands will throng the beach every day for its breathtaking view, particularly during sunset. It is also a favourite playground for the local children.

Best Place

Since there are so many attractions in Perlis, it's hard to determine what's best and what's not. We believe, there is something interesting and suits your preference.

Nevertheless, we list rank down 'the top 5 best place' in Perlis according to TripAdvisor's Traveller Favourites.

#1. Padang Besar - You can get almost everything you want here. Do note that;because of the closure of Thailand's border; the market activity is limited to Friday, Saturday, and maybe Sunday.

Tasik Melati Recreational Park - The park is famous for its lakes and its recreational facilities.

Rimba Herba Perlis - Among the interesting activities that can be carried out are guided tours and self-guided tours to nature trails, foot immersion in herbal oil, visits to orchid sites and sale of trees, especially herbal products. Apart from that, visitors can also enjoy the herbal oil massage and try the herbal drinks offered here.

Taman Eko-Rimba Bukit Ayer - This recreational park is located 12 km from Kangar City and is close to the Perlis Snake Farm and is located in a very natural and attractive forest area for a variety of recreational activities. The chilly, clear waters of the tropical rainforest, and its waterfalls diverge into the pool below, making it an ideal location for picnics and relaxation

Al-Hussain Mosque ( Floating Mosque) - This mosque is located next to the Kuala Perlis Jetty and is said to be an iconic mosque in Perlis.



The capital for Perlis is Kangar, andand it is the largest town in Perlis.

Kangar existed from about 350 years ago, and the name Kangar was derived from a type of tree


Same like other places in Malaysia, Perlis have few interesting cafés for you to try on too!

When you have the opportunity; drop by in any of the 'Top 5 Café in Perlis' - of course, we ranked them according to the reviews in TripAdvisor.

#5. Koffee Kitchen (Kangar)

Operation Hour : 12 PM - 9 PM

Location : No 27 Jalan Guar Syed Alwi, Kangar

#4. BIG tas'TEA (Arau)

Operation Hour : 1 PM - 10 PM

Location : Bumbung Lima, Batas Liku, Arau

#3. Clover Cafe (Kangar) - Non-Halal

Operation Hour : 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Location : No. 57 Jalan Jubli Perak, Kangar

#2. Pelo Kitchen Yibin Food and Beverages (Kangar) - Pork free

Photo Credit : Dboy Ahmad

Operation Hour : 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Location : 315, Tingkat Bawah,Taman Pengkalan Asam, Jalan Kangar - Alor Setar

#1. Blackwood Coffee & Chocolate (Kangar & Arau)

Operation Hour :12 PM – 11.00 PM - Arau / 12 PM – 11.30 PM - Kangar

Location :

6/8 Persiaran Jubli Emas Galeri 28, Kangar - Kangar Outlet

Tingkat Bawah, Lot 3968, Kompleks Arau - Arau Outlet



The flag of Perlis consists of a horizontal bicoloured flag with equally proportionate bands of yellow on the upper half and dark blue on the lower half.

The yellow band represents the Raja of Perlis, while the blue represents the people; with the yellow band over the blue band, the flag attempts to signify the close relationship forged between the Raja and the people of Perlis.


While some foods are generally loved throughout the country (like nasi lemak), each of the 13 states in Malaysia actually have their own unique dishes for which they are famous for.

So, what's the famous food of Perlis?

Ikan Bakar and Pulut Mempelam!

Ikan Bakar or simply; grilled fish is what Perlis are well known for (other than their Harum Manis Mango) obviously. The dish usually served with air asam (a spicy, sour dipping sauce) and special Perlis chilli sauce, made with various herbs and spices.

Pulut Mempelam or Mango Sticky Rice is 'a thing' over here. Yes, due to the distance with Thailand, it does incorporate some Thai influence in its food. This is most apparent with pulut mempelam, sticky rice with mango. The twist here is pulut mempelam is served only with local mempelam mango which is sweeter and much more fragrant.

Floating Market

Floating market would usually remind you of Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia but wait, Perlis has a floating market too!