A – Z Guide To Bako National Park

Covering the north tip of Muara Tebas area, Bako National Park contains a wide range of vegetation, in fact almost every type of vegetation found in Borneo can be seen here.

Despite its small size; it has been recognized as a national park since 1957 and it offers the perfect introduction to Sarawak’s flora and fauna. There is a high chance of seeing the rare proboscis monkey, a species that can only found in Borneo.

The journey to the park involves a 37-kilometre car ride from Kuching to Kampung Bako and from Kampung Bako a 20-minutes boat ride to the park.

We did a research online and we found a lot of questions regarding Bako National Park, hence we decided to put down much information we can with this A – Z Guide To Bako National Park.


There is a lot to do here actually, and one of it is hiking or go on a trail. There are 16 colour coded trails to choose from but as for now, there are only 2 trails available for a day trip.

Take a boat ride to the famous Sea Stack; and others rock formations that scattered throughout the park. It will be an additional charge to get there.

Visit the beach. There are a number of beaches within the Bako National Park, but not all are safe to swim.

Spot wildlife. The best time to spot the wildlife in the park is by doing the night walk, but you need to spend a night in the park (see accommodations).


Muara Tebas Peninsular, 93000, Kuching


Park accommodation consists of 3-bedroom Chalets, 2-bedroom Lodges, 4-bedroom Hostels and a camping ground.

Bako National Park Accommodation Rate :

Accommodation / Features / Rates

Forest Lodge Type 4

2 rooms with 3 single beds each

Attached Toilet & Bathroom

Air-conditioned & Fridge available

Towel & Blanket Provided

RM 225 / unit

RM150 / room

Forest Lodge Type 5 – Single

2 rooms with 3 single beds each

Shared Toilet & Bathroom

Fan & Fridge available

Towel & Blanket Provided

RM 150 / unit

RM100 / room

Forest Lodge Type 5 – Terrace

8 rooms with 4 single beds each

Shared Toilet & Bathroom

Fan Towel & Blanket Provided

RM100 / room

Forest Lodge Type 6

2 rooms with 2 single beds each

Attached Toilet & Bathroom

Fan & Fridge available

Towel & Blanket Provided

RM 70 / unit

RM 50 / room

Forest Hostel

4 rooms with 4 single beds each

Shared Toilet & Bathroom

Fan & Fridge available

RM 40 / room

RM 15 / bed

# Bring own towel & blanket


Maximum capacity: 50 sites for 2 person tents

Shared Toilet & Bathroom

4 BBQ Pit – open fire not allowed

RM 5 / per person per night

#Bring your own camping equipment


Since the most question asked in ‘B’ section related to the Boat Fees, Boat timing and etc, we just simplified it and keep it simple and short.

When you arrive at the Bako Jetty Terminal you have to register at the counter, pay your entrance and boat ticket.

Boat price to Bako National Park is RM160 per boat, maximum of 5 adults in a boat.

The last boat to Bako National Park is at 3 pm.

How long is the boat ride to Bako National Park?

A 20-minutes boat ride and the boat will always be waiting. After paying the fees, just proceed to the jetty and the boatman with the boat will wait for you. Enjoy the ride, and do standby a raincoat and poncho, in case it is raining.

Bako Terminal Jetty Counter Operation Hour: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Boat availability is subject to the weather and sea condition.


Yes, there is a canteen available at the Park HQ. As for now (updated in July 2020), they didn’t provide buffet but there is ala-carte food available as below :


Entry Fees to Bako National Park in 2020

Malaysian : RM 10.00 (adult) | RM 5.00 (senior citizen/disabled) | RM3.00 (children above 6) 
Foreigner : RM 20.00 (adult) | RM 10.00 (disabled) | RM7.00 (children above 6)

Cost for a boat to Bako National Park: RM160 per boat, maximum 5 pax

Additional RM14 per pax to see the Sea Stack and other unique rock formations.

Cost to Hire a guide: RM 250 for a group of 5 pax (depends on the guide).

Day Trip / Day Tour from Kuching

Typical day trip or day tour will take about half-day and normally it will start in the morning.

Package Includes: Transportations to and from Bako National Park, Guiding Fee, Entrance Fee Boat Fee and Lunch. Price for Day Trip to Bako is RM300/pax.

You can check the rates here. 


The distance from Kuching Waterfront area to Bako National Park is around 30 km, it will take around 35 minutes +/-

Entrance Fee

Entry Fees to Bako National Park in 2020

Malaysian : RM 10.00 (adult) | RM 5.00 (senior citizen/disabled) | RM3.00 (children above 6)

Foreigner : RM 20.00 (adult) | RM 10.00 (disabled) | RM7.00 (children above 6)

No extra fees for hiking, but you need to get permission and register at the Park HQ.


As mentioned above


You may enter the park and hike without a guide; but as mentioned earlier, do register and get your permission at the Park HQ.

Getting a guide is a really good idea since they are well-trained and experienced, hence they might show a few tricks or wildlife hiding spot. They will explain more along the trail.

Hotel / Hostel

There is no hotel in the park, but park accommodation consists of 3-bedroom Chalets, 2-bedroom Lodges, 4-bedroom Hostels and a camping ground. Refer ‘accommodations’ for more details.

How To Get There

Option A : A bus ride from Kuching to Bako Market takes about 45-60 minutes (red public bus number 1, originating from the wet market beside the Electra building, which will also pick up passengers from the burger stand opposite Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching and costs RM3.50 each way.

Buses leave to/from Bako about once every hour starting from about 7am from Kuching and finishing about 6pm from Bako,

Option B : A minivan can be chartered for around RM30, and seats 5-7 people. They can reach Bako in half the time of the public bus, stationed near the Open Air Market, depart when there are enough passengers.

When you arrive at the Bako Market right in front of the jetty/visitor center, register, purchase your entrance ticket and buy your boat ticket. This 20-minute boat ride will lead you to the Bako National Park Headquarters. Enquire at the registration counter for details.

Bako Boat Service Counter Operating Hour

(Monday-Sunday, 9.00am to 3.00pm)

Hiking In Bako National Park

Bako’s extensive trail system is made up of 16 colour-coded jungle trails which offer a range of walking and hiking options.

As for now, there are only 2 trails available.

We suggested the Tanjung Sapi Trails if you like a short hike with a little adventure. Although the track is short, the journey is quite challenging. You will need to climb up and down at several points and it is a one-way trail. You just need to inform your boatman to wait at the other end.

Trail length: 0.5 km

One Way Time & Distance from HQ: 30 minutes (0.8 km)

Colour Code: White/Red

Most of the question after ‘H’ already answered before. Hence we will jump into ‘the W questions’.

What To Expect

Boat ride – it is a 20 – 30 minutes boat ride, depending on the water level and weather. Only 5 pax (adult) allowed at all time, including the tour guide. You can’t choose your boat, they have their own system where the boatman will take turns to bring you to the park and back to the jetty.

Sometimes, the water will splash in the boat or if its rain, you will be wet; so be prepared with a waterproof bag, raincoat or water-resistant jacket.

Wildlife – there is a lot of proboscis monkey and if you are lucky enough, they will be ‘waiting’ at the mangroves area nearby the arrival jetty. The bearded boar will sometimes make a ‘special appearance’ as well as snakes and frog.

Do be careful of the macaque, especially if you are holding a plastic because they will take it as food and grab them from your hands.

Stay alert of your surroundings.

Slippery and challenging trails along the way, and maybe you will see some frog, proboscis monkey and like our case, few hermit crab!

What To Wear / Bring

Bako National Park Day Trip – Things to bring :

1. Backpack

2. Sport shoes / hiking shoes / slipper

3. Small Towel

4. Mineral Water

5. Insect Repellent

6. Raincoat / Poncho

7. Sunglasses

8. Sunblock

9. Extra t-shirt

10. Cap

If you want to hike, consider all the thing on the list especially backpack and proper hiking shoes. Some part of the trails is quite slippery especially the wooden bridge area and if its rain, do expect that the trails will be wet and at some part will dirty up your shoes.

Protips : Use / wear specialized hiking shoes or waterproof shoe. Bring waterproof bag and a lot of water! 

If you are taking the Tanjung Sapi trails, you will end your journey at the beach.

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