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You Can Actually Travel Lighter Than You Think With This Minimalist Travel Tips

Before we go through the concept of minimalist travel and travel lighter; we should agree that everyone has a different travel style. We all pack different things, and the way we pack also varies.

You don’t have to follow all of these hacks but do consider them as your options to minimalist travel.

These tips aren’t just for minimalist travellers. They’re open to everyone that struggle to keep their luggage or backpack within most of the airline baggage allowance.

Have an organized system in your bag

Whether you’re travelling with a backpack or a wheeled luggage bag, keeping your things organized is always the way to go. Not only it will be tidier, it will also help if you need to find something in a quick way.

Besides putting the heaviest item at the middle; packing your clothes in small packing cubes is something you need to try when you are packing for your next holiday.

The cube is so easy to use and have been proven to help travellers to save the space in their bags. They’re mainly used to keep clothes.

Another tips are rolling your clothes. It is better than folding them as this is more efficient for maximizing the space in your bag.

Use resealable bags if you don't have any 'proper' bag organizer. The key here is to properly segregate and organize your bag better. For instance; use small pouch or toiletry bag for all your gadget related thingy such as cables, charger, powerbank etc.

Maximize all the space you have

Throughout my travel journey, I always stick to my 'one-bag' policy without left out any necessary item. But again, as I said earlier; we packed differently. But if you wonder how I did it, it's all about maximizing all the space I have.

  • The space in your shoes - if I were to travel with an extra pair of shoes, I use it to stuff all the socks, boxers or even a lightweight shirt or two. Do use this tips wisely since you might end up packing more because of all the free spaces you have.

  • Use your jacket - I always carry a jacket with few pockets when I travel. First, I found it so convenience when it comes to the security check, since I can secure everything in the jacket before putting it into the security bin to be scanned. Secondly, there some extra 'compartment' to be used.

  • Carry a small bag with onboard - If you checked in your bag, make sure you carry a 'day-bag' or a small bag to be carried with you onboard. Normally; I'll bring one for my camera or electronic devices, phone, powerbank etc.

Wise Cloth Selections

Before you decide what clothes to pack, check the weather of the time of your travel and what's in your itinerary. You might want to add extra one or two if it's raining.

I mentioned earlier about finding the “extra” space in your bag to ensure you can fit everything into your bag. The downside of it, however, is one might end up over-packing especially the things they won’t really need.

Pack only the essentials

Remember that everyone has different priorities. What’s important to you might not be important to others. Therefore, it’s always ideal to consider your options and bring the must-haves rather than the nice-to-haves.

Basically, I have essentials for my travel such as handy electronics (normally a laptop and my camera), a pen and a notebook where I can jot anything about the journey, a plastic bag (to be used as the backpack cover) in case it's raining, another plastic bag to separate my dirty/used clothes, a pair of slippers and not to forget; general medicine for nausea, fever etc.

So excited to pack for your next trip yet?



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