Why Tuesday Is The Best Day To Buy Travel Related Deals

If you're shopping around online for a cheap travel deal, it's worth knowing that package prices can fluctuate throughout the week and even during the same day (on every online comparison booking engine).

In simple words; that deal you spotted at 10am may well have gone up by mid-afternoon. Same goes for flight ticket and so on (tried and tested).

Spend the weekend researching your next trip, but when it comes to booking hold off until Tuesday morning to save money.

Why most travel-related deal are cheaper on Tuesday?

1. Price fluctuation

The principal is the same, more demands equals to higher price. What's usually happened is, the majority of the comparison booking site are using a sophisticated software where they tend to flag 'load control'.

What happen is, when people start researching a place, the system will notice high 'demand' and slightly adjust the pricing.

"If lots of people are looking at a holiday this demand puts the price up - even if they're not actually booking," says Steve Pattenden from travel agent Double S Travel.


Experts around the world suggest booking any deals before 11 a.m daily! This is because, usually this is the previous night rate and yet to be updated.

So, secure your booking before that time. But, there is also slight possibility of the price is actually cheaper after that time. So, the best way is to follow the deals for at least 2 days to direct compare the pricing.

3. Tuesday is the best day to book any travel deals

When it comes to the best day of the week to book your trip, Tuesday is the day companies usually adjust their prices, especially if holidays aren't selling.