Which Are Better? Local SIM Card vs Pocket Wifi

The Internet has become a necessity nowadays for all travellers as it not only helps people to connect with their family or friend on social media but also an essential part of travelling since it can show directions, find places to visit, translate foreign language, ride booking and so much more possibility.

To be honest, I use it all the time especially to book for Grab ride or in some country like Cambodia and Thailand, I use it to communicate with the local that can’t understand English.

Well, in order to use your phone or the internet abroad, obviously you will need a connection. There are some options available which are roaming services that are provided by your Telco, buy a local SIM card or using wifi. Roaming services are often my last choice because of it often more expensive; I’d go with a local SIM or rent a pocket wifi.

It is true that nowadays, free wifi are available in most public places but do remember that not all areas will have enough coverage (lesson learnt)!

Local SIM Card vs Pocket Wifi?

Every option we have in this world comes with advantages and disadvantages and so does the case with pocket wifi and local SIM card. Both will have their own advantages and disadvantages. Anyhow, regardless of the options available, all you need it the internet connection. This will surely make your trip easier.

Advantages of Local SIM Card

One of the advantages of local SIM cards is that you are able to travel lighter because there is no need to carry extra equipment when you are on-the-go. Simply carry your smartphone and you’ll always be connected to the internet. Upon completion of your trip, you don’t need to do any return; just remove the SIM, keep or you just can throw it away.

The disadvantages of buying a local SIM card is that it can only be used by one device and usually requires registering and change the settings on the phone.

But, if you are travelling solo, this might not be a problem and it’s a better and cheaper option if you are on a budget.

Advantages of Pocket Wifi

Renting a Pocket Wifi device for your trip is a great idea, especially if you are travelling in a large group. Compared to the local sim card, I prefer this because it is a lot easier. Just book and collect the devices before departure, turn on when you reach the destinations and you already have the internet access without the hassle to find a place to buy a local sim card.

Apart from that, it also can be used more than one devices. Say, you are carrying more than one electronic devices that require an internet connection such as laptop, tablet or phone. All devices can be connected to the internet, at the same time!