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Vacation In A Box’ By Ikea – Transport You To Tokyo, Paris and Beyond!

The Swedish home furnishings company; Ikea has launched its latest product and clearly they want you to have your own ‘vacation’ in the midst of this pandemic.

‘Vacations In A Box’ expected to bring some of the world’s best destinations right into your living room.

From what we know so far; in the Cappadocia box, people will find everything they need to make their space feel like the sunrise in the famed Turkish destination. This includes home furnishing accessories like throw pillows and artificial palm trees, as well as recipes to enjoy, music to listen to, movies to watch, and even some at-home activities.

The Maldives box will help transport people to an island vacation no matter where they live. The box includes adorable faux palm trees, lights, and bright green and blue accessories to set the tone.

And finally, the Paris box comes with tableware and accessories so everyone can set their table as if they were in a chic Parisian bistro for a night in, along with recipes, music, and activity suggestions.

There is, however, one catch to these boxes. Right now, they are only currently available in-store and online in the United Arab Emirates.

However, the music, recipe, and activities booklets are all downloadable.

Here how it looks :

Each of the boxes lists out all the items one would need, so you could feasibly recreate your own box anywhere in the world.



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