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Two Easy Way To Know Your Face Mask Is Real Or Fake!

Whether you are going for a casual weekly grocery, entering a mall or even to the school, face mask or the surgical mask has become a daily essential item. Many places or even the health minister would recommend wearing a mask to reduce the possibility of getting the coronavirus.

There is one time in our country, almost everywhere don’t have any stocks for surgical mask or hand sanitizer. Today, almost everywhere you can see people selling one and it comes with various shape and sizes.

But there’s a silent threat to our safety against the coronavirus – the counterfeit face masks!

There is somebody out there that makes money producing counterfeit masks and it can look and feel like the real mask, but here’s the catch it can’t protect the user.

This means they can maintain the production costs low but gain high profits by saying that their product is real and genuine.

If you had bought a box of the surgical mask, there are two ways to tell whether the face mask you bought is authentic and able to protect you against infection.

All you need is a lighter and you're all set.

#1. Burn your mask and pay attention to what happens to it.

Authentic 3-ply surgical masks are made of various types of plastics, such as polythene and polypropylene. Once in contact with fire, authentic masks will melt, while fake masks will start to catch fire, much like paper. Counterfeits will also produce sparks.

#2. Try to blow out the flame on your lit lighter, with the surgical mask on.

Obviously, not all of us can afford to simply burn a face mask to test for authenticity.

However, the second method is a lot cost-efficient, just blow the lighter flame, or you can light a candle and then try to blow the candle. If the flame can be put out with the mask on, it is not okay! Just throw the mask, or use it at your home only.

Watch the video to perform the test :


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