#TravelTips : What To Do If You Lose Your Passport/Travel Documents Abroad?

Passport and visa are the most important items and these documents should be kept safe at all cost - especially when you are travelling abroad.

Losing either one surely will ruin your travel plan or worse case, it got stolen and your identity might be used for criminal activities and you will end up in the local jail which we all know it won’t be good.

Although it is possible to get a replacement after you've back from your journey, but as far as we know, you will get penalized and the fine are up to RM1,200. Under a new decree under the Fees (Passports and Visas) (Amendment) Order 2019 of the Federal Government Gazette.

Here’s the breakdown of the fines:

Children aged 12 and below; students aged 21 and below studying abroad: MYR300 (first time), MYR600 (second time), MYR1,100 (third time).

Age 21 and above: MYR400 (first time), MYR700 (second time), MYR1,200 (third time).

If you sign up any travel insurance, here's when travel insurance comes in handy. Not only will the agents help you through the process of getting a replacement passport, they will also cover the damage.

Anyhow, if you happen to be in such an unfortunate incident, keep calm and follow these steps:

1. Retrace Your Steps

In most case; it so happen to be a false-alarm, whereby actually all the necessary documents are still in your possession - you just misplace it. Try to search your luggage or backpack compartments, pockets of your clothes, pants or jacket.

Search thoroughly! Don't just do a simple scan with your hand thingy. Do it as the airport security would do while searching your bag. Take your item one-by-one and put it aside as you finish.

Then, search every inch of the hotel room. Remember to stay calm during the search because you will definitely miss things when rushing. If you are certain you travelled around with the passport, go back to the places you have visited and ask the reception or any person in charge if they found anything. If no, then search the place.

Travel Tips 1: Put all important document in one place or a specific compartment for travel documents only. Don't mix it up with anything else.

2. Lodge a Police Report

If you’re certain your passport is nowhere to be found, go to the nearest police station to lodge a report as soon as you can.

Make sure to report within 24 hours or else insuran