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#TravelTips: How To Keep Your Wallet Safe When You Travel

One of these days; we’re going to be able to travel again and as exciting, it can get, it also carry plenty of risks. For instance, the risk of losing your personal belongings while you travel especially your wallet. It happens all the time; maybe not to us but friends or relatives. Somehow, at least one of our contact has to face this problem.

Normally, people will carry everything we need in the wallet; credit card, hotel key card, money, identification card and others, it is the last thing we want to lose. The value is not only the main concern but more to the process of lodge a police report and getting your new document especially identity card, driving license and bank card.

Here are a few tips you want to consider for your next journey:

#1. Limit What’s In Your Wallet

The first rule, less is more! It is not necessary to carry every single thing in your wallet. For instance, your physical passport, cards (if you are not planning to use it) and extra cash should be kept in a safe – or in the hidden part of your luggage or backpack. If you are staying in a hotel, the safe box is there for you to use. As an alternative, bring your own lock box and secure it in your bag.

Pro Tips: Bring enough cash when you go out and a card. Make a copy or softcopy of your passport, and keep the original at the hotel. 

#2. Get a GPS Locator

Invest in a GPS wallet collector and sometimes it is as thin as a card and it can be placed in your wallet without others noticing it. Depending on the device, some of if have a very good range and function.

Keep this in mind, normally people will go for the cash and they will throw your wallet away. If you are lucky, you might find your wallet and everything inside without the money.

#3. Use a Fanny Pack

Honestly, using a fanny pack makes me feel safer and by using one, it allows you to hold everything and it can be kept close to the body all the time. Another option is the over-the-neck-passport holder. Not only it can hold your passport, but you can slip a few cash and essentials as well.

Pro Tips: Always put your wallet/fanny back in front and close to your body, especially in any crowded area. 

#4. Go Cashless and Cardless

There is a lot of application or e-wallet that allows you to spend your money without the need to pull out any cash.

With all these apps like Google Pay, Alipay, ApplePay and WeChat pay, you able to link your credit or debit card and after that, you just need to activate the function of paying using your phone or smartwatch.

If you are travelling to a smaller country and say a remote part of the country, do carry local currency cash, as you might not find any money changer.

Pro Tips: Carry small notes for tipping or in case you need to buy anything from a local shop that not provide any card payment. 

I learnt my lesson in Cambodia a few years back. Carry around USD because it is accepted throughout the country but when trying to buy the street food or the traditional mart, they will mark-up the price.

Surprisingly, they have two different sets of pricing. You might find sometimes it is cheaper to pay in USD and sometimes paying in Cambodian Riel will save you more.

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