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Travelling With Strangers: The Pros and Cons

Amazing things about travel is it can open up your mind and eyes to new environments, experiences, languages and culture as well. Sometimes, it can bring you closer and teach you something that you might not find in a guidebook, blog, website or others.

Travelling to a new place or country might be worrying for some, especially for solo travellers. The truth is, we will meet someone somewhere on our journey; it can be at the hostel common area or hotel lobby, sharing rides or even, later on, travel together.

There are so many ways to connect with new travel buddies while you on your journey and travelling with a stranger is a gamble actually. Sometimes you can make lifelong friends and sometimes; they can test you to your limit.

Pros of travelling with a stranger

  1. You meet someone who you would never otherwise meet, and they can introduce you to their culture and travel experiences.

  2. You may change your plans in order to carry on travelling together, and we all know that sometimes the best experiences are the unplanned ones.

  3. You learn from each other and may make a friend for life.

  4. You can still go off and do your own thing when you need some space.

  5. Someone to watch your rucksack when you need to pee – finally!

Cons of travelling with a stranger

  1. They may not be a perfect travel buddy match for you.

  2. You may have different preferences or even body clocks.

  3. This may not work if your budgets are at opposite ends of the scale.

  4. You won’t get quite as much alone time.



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