Travel Locally After The Mco, Here Why You Should Too

Our travel industry just about gaining momentum after last year MCO, most of the popular local favourites' destination are getting their business running again and then... MCO 2.0 hit us.

Some industry player are throwing their towels and closing their business because of the pandemic while others still keep their finger cross and barely survive.

While some of us are considering travelling abroad after we are allowed to travel out of the country again, do take note that the other country might still struggle to curb their daily cases. And some decided to completely close their borders for tourism.

Status of APAC Country That Are Open For Tourism : Update 23rd January 2021

Hence, if we are able to travel again after 4th February - our best move is to give back and support the local tourism since we have also known for our diverse cultures, various food and unique local community.

Here are why we should start by travelling local again.

#1. It Can Be Spontaneous

Travelling domestically means we are on our 'home' ground. At least, we won't be having communication problems or stuck in our destinations since we know how to get around and if we got lost, we can follow the signboard or at least, ask around for directions.

Since all the states in Peninsular Malaysia are reachable by car - you just need to pack your bag, set a destination and drive. It can be as easy as that. But of course, you need to worry about where to stay after that.

#2. Save On Accommodation & Transportation

Flight ticket and hotels always be the biggest amount to spend when you travel abroad.

By travel locally, you can at least work your way around your budget. There is plenty of accommodations options here, from luxurious resort and hotels to backpackers inn.

The point here, you can save less and at the same time can spend more on maybe food or souvenirs?

#3. Explore & Learn More

At first, I too have this sceptical thought about 'exploring and learning' something new in my own country. But after a while, I do agree with this. There is A LOT of places, attractions and even new things to learn somewhere.