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Top Travel Destinations in The World After Covid

Covid-19 pandemic has brought a huge impact to all industries in the world, including tourism. So, the big questions, Do you think it gets possible to travel again? What is your plan to do in 2021?

Some countries even lock their borders down to prohibit international visitors. But it seems that each government is getting ready with the New Normal opening. So, which travel destinations are you going to visit when the time comes?

If you are looking for inspirations; try the following ones, the best selections for its natural beauty, historic ruins, and cultural experiences:


Have you ever heard of the charismatic Budapest? Coming up from two words of Buddha or the hilly, and Pest or the flat, the city lies on the Danube river banks.

With the modified warehouses and factories, added by marvelous street arts, the city gains fame among international tourists.


Thailand and Indonesia have been world-known tourism destinations in Southeast Asia before the pandemic appeared. Also known as Burma, Why don’t you check out Myanmar for your next trip? This country is one of the fewest know infected residents and has many hidden gems to discover.

You will find a lot of attributes of Thailand such as the ancient civilizations, Buddhist temples, and bustling cities. Yangon, as the former capital, is even the place of the most sacred Buddhist pagoda, surrounded by a very large English colonial architecture.


If you prefer to visit one island to another, the Philippines has about 7,500 to choose from. To learn about Filipino culture, do not miss the chance to visit Manila, the national capital, and Quezon City.

Or, just explore Palawan and Boracay islands for its white-sand beaches as well as various endemic plant and animal species of the country.


Mediterranean beaches, historic ruins, and Maghreb cuisine make the most of Tunisia as a perfect destination to experience the amazing culture of North Africa. Find all of them at the northeastern Cap Bon peninsula, Carthage Town, and the Sahara Desert.


Iran is said to be the second-fastest-growing tourist destinations in the whole world.

Iran has a great reputation as a tourist travel destinations, despite its endless geopolitical quarrels. With a short trip northeast from Shiraz, you will find an ancient city named Persepolis. It served as the capital of the Achaemenid Empire about 2,500 years ago.



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