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Top 5 Travel Icons Of Southeast Asia

Before the pandemic, Southeast Asean Country received around 133 millions of tourist from all around the world and this is because of the countries or destinations over here has a lot to offer. From the pristine beach to the highlands, warm weather, colourful cultures and obviously the vast selection of food!

As the year goes, I've been in several SEA Countries; Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and supposedly Vietnam or Philippines this year but then; there's come the global pandemic.

Nevertheless; let's pray that it will be lesser cases from now onwards and this will make travelling between countries available again. And speaking about able to travel, check out these 10 Travels Icon of Southeast Asia, who knows, you will be there one day...

Halong Bay, Vietnam

The bay is best experienced at water level. Traditional wooden junks that ply the waters, some offering overnight tours where you can bed down on deck under a canopy of stars.

You should consider kayaking in the bay too! It’s a great way to explore the nooks and crannies of Halong Bay, revealing hidden caves and villages and offering the opportunity to tuck into a delicious seafood lunch at one of the tiny floating markets.

With its majestic limestone formations and sparkling emerald waters, Halong Bay is one of the most unforgettable sights in Southeast Asia!

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

During the colonial era, it was a popular retreat for the ruling Brits, and their influence can be felt across the entire region. One of their biggest legacies, of course, is the tea plantations that cover the hills.

You can walk amongst them on one of the hikes that criss-cross the region or simply gaze out across them from the verandah of a colonial-era tea room, preferably with a cup of the local brew to hand.

Apart from the tea plantation, you might want to explore a mythical forest tucked in the highlands of Mount Brinchang – Mossy Forest.

As the name suggests, Mossy Forest is a lush area in the highland forest where moss has encapsulated the landscape. Given its elevated position at 2032 metres above sea level in Mount Brinchang, the chilly and moist atmosphere makes it a perfect environment for exotic plants such as moss, ferns, spices, and orchids.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Built-in the 12th Century, this vast complex of temples, stupas and towers were designed to be a miniature replica of the universe in stone.

A visit to the ancient Khmer ruins of Angkor Wat is like stepping on to the set of an Indiana Jones movie!

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Another Vietnam wonder! Besides the bay, Vietnam is blessed with Mekong Delta. It is a kaleidoscope of green, the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, where life moves to the rhythms of the Mekong River as it makes its final journey to the Gulf of Thailand.

Floating markets are the local equivalent of the corner shop, and hospitality is legendary here – expect plenty of offers to try the local firewater.

The delta is also something of a biological measure trove. Birdlife is abundant and over 1,000 animal species have been recorded recently, including new species of fish, reptiles and mammals.

Sukhothai, Thailand

Located 427 kilometres north of Bangkok, that Thai art, architecture and language developed and the country enjoyed an extended period of peace and prosperity lies at Sukhothai. It was the first capital of Siam and widely regarded as the start of Thai civilisation.

The picturesque Sukhothai Historical Park is home to its greatest achievements.



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