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Tioman Island Travel Guide

In the 1970s, Time Magazine selected Tioman as one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

The island, located in Pahang is especially known for its wonderful diving and snorkelling possibilities. There are many resorts on the island, catering for every type of traveller.

Best Time To Go

The best time to visit Tioman is between March and October. The monsoon season normally start in November to February (acording to 2020) and many resorts are closed during this period. Most of the resort start to open for booking March 2021 onwards.

Getting There

As for now, the only way to get into Tioman is by ferry or boat. But we highly recommended using the ferry as it is bigger, safer and more comfortable.

There are 2 options of jetty to Tioman Island. Mersing, or Tanjung Gemok. It is about 305 kilometres from KL to Tanjung Gemok and a 4.75-hour drive while the distance from KL to Mersing is around 356 kilometres and about 4.75 hours as well.

Personally, I prefer to go via Mersing. Took a bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) to Mersing. Depending on the bus company, one way fare roughly around RM38 – RM50 and the journey will take about 5 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. After you arrive at Mersing bus station, just walk to the Mersing Jetty to get or buy your ferry ticket.

Do note that there is a RM10 (Student) and RM20 (Regular) Tioman island fee, and a RM15 (Student) or RM30 (Regular) Marine Park fee. Both must be paid separately. There will be a separate counter for this.

For ferry ticket; you can buy online via Cataferry or Blue Water Express.

Pricing for Blue Water Ferry

The ferry will stop at the different Kampongs ("village" in Malay) along Tioman's west coast.

This is the usual order of the stops on the ferry to Tioman:

  • Kampong Genting

  • Kampong Paya

  • Kampong Tekek

  • Kampong Air Batang ("ABC")

  • Kampong Salang

So, before buying the ferry tickets, make sure you know and remember which ‘kampong’ you should get down from the ferry. If you are not sure, you can check with the resort that you book.

For instance, you need to stop at Kampong Paya if you are staying in Paya Beach Resort or Aman Tioman Beach Resort. Stop at Kampong Genting, if you are staying in Sun Beach Resort or stop at Kampong Juara if you book at The Barat Tioman, you need to get down at Tekek and there will be a taxi services to take you to The Barat, since it is located at the opposite of the island.

Note that you have to make sure you arrive at Mersing jetty (or Tanjung Gemuk jetty) well before 4pm (last boat to Tioman departs around 4.30pm).

p/s: Try to avoid the last vessel as it is always the busiest.

The Last boat from Tioman to the mainland departs at 4.30pm daily, but do note that the ferry schedule can be affected by weather and tide.

Attractions and Activities on Tioman Island

Tioman Island are diving and snorkelling heaven indeed but there are many other nice things to do during your stay at the island such as surfing, jungle trekking, kayaking and even bicycling.

There are almost no roads on Tioman; but there are quite a few jungle tracks. These are perfect for light jungle treks. Two popular treks are from Tekek to Juara (2hrs) and from Tekek all the way to Monkey Bay.

Great beaches are: Genting Beach, Tekek Beach and Salang Beach. At these beaches there are aquatic sports operators (kayaking, surfing, wakeboarding and jet skiing).

Most of the activities will be offered by the resort, or it will be located nearby the resort.


Tioman is a duty-free zone and offers a good selection of alcohol and cigarettes at very cheap prices. I’m not sure about other places, but I can surely confirm, there are one duty-free shop in Kampong Paya that sells alcohol and cigarettes.


Depending on where you eat, food can be quite expensive in Tioman (same case in most of the island except Langkawi) compared to other places in Malaysia.

Especially if you eat at the restaurants attached to the resorts and chalets, you should plan around RM 30+ per day.

In short, Pulau Tioman is 'the' place to be for anyone who seeks tranquillity and peace. If you are planning to go to Tioman, have a look at a few of our offer here too!



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