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The New Normal Travel Procedures Through Airports

Malaysia Airports reassures all passengers that its airports are safe and well-prepared following the latest implementation of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) enabling the reopening of the country’s tourism and domestic flight routes.

The organisation will give its fullest support to its airline partners and retailers in ensuring all safety measures are carried out vigilantly across its network of airports as well as ramping up the readiness of all airport staff in operating in the new normal of air travel.

With this ‘new normal’, passengers will also be additionally protected on the health and safety aspects as they can look forward to a contactless airport experience with the implementation of facial recognition technology, contactless security screening at checkpoints and sneeze guard protectors at counters while our on-ground safety compliance officers patrol the terminals to ensure social distancing is practised responsibly by passengers at all times.

With the reopening of domestic tourism, all airport passengers are reminded of the new normal and to adhere to the following travel procedures through the airports:

1) It is compulsory to wear a facemask at the airport. Your face mask must be worn before you enter the terminal building. You will not be permitted to enter the terminal without a face mask.

At KL International Airport (IATA Code: KUL), we have enforced limited entry and exit points where our Aviation Security team will screen passengers on the use of the face mask as well as their body temperature.

If you do not have a face mask, you may purchase it from a vending machine at the terminal. You may also obtain the masks at the temporary pharmacy kiosks located at Level 5, Main Terminal Building between Door 4 and 5 at the kerbside and at the link bridges of Block B and C on Level 2 of the Short-Term Car Park in KLIA Main. As for the klia2 terminal, please purchase the mask at any of the pharmacies at gateway@klia2 shopping mall.

2. Only passengers with a valid flight ticket or boarding pass will be allowed to enter the terminal. All meeters and greeters will not be allowed into the terminal. For klia2 terminal, meeters and greeters are only allowed access up to gateway@klia2 shopping mall.

3. All departing passengers will have to go through temperature screening before being allowed to enter the terminal building. Passengers with a body temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Celcius will not be allowed to continue their journey.

4. Maintain a 1-meter gap wherever you are in the terminal. Please also observe the social distancing markers that have been placed at common facilities including the travellator, escalator, lift and at the seating area.

5. Make use of our clean washrooms to wash your hands as many times as possible before and after your flight. We have also placed sanitisers throughout the terminal for your convenience.

6. Kindly refer to your airline for further guidelines on safety measures when onboard your flight.

7. Departing passengers are advised to arrive at least 3 hours before their flight to avoid any inconveniences in light of the implementation of the additional procedures.

Passengers can be assured that our airports have been disinfected and sanitisation activities have been consistently carried out since the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak. Our airports across the nation have undergone full disinfection exercises organised by the local Fire and Rescue Department unit.

Source - MAHB



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