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The 'New Normal' Flying Checklist

Travel is among one of the hardest-hit industries during the Covid-19 pandemic. While some of us are not willing to travel yet, various campaign and promotions can be found online and offline offered by resorts, travel agencies and others in order to 're-start' the tourism industry in Malaysia.

IF you are planning to travel again and it involves aeroplanes; do consider this new normal flying checklist.

We did a short trip right after the MCO lifted a few months back and it feels totally different (at least for me). The first thing that happened as I walk in the airport is early screening, whereby you are required to scan using My Sejahtera and get your temperature checked. While you are doing that, do make sure that you have your mask-on.

YES - mask on all the time. Before, during and after a flight! Bare in mind that you require at least to be at the airport 1-hour before departure. So, let say you are flying at 8, you will need to be at the airport around 7 or in my case, earlier. So, just imagine - wearing the mask for at least 2 or 3 hours throughout the journey. Nope - I didn't oppose the idea, but I'm sharing the reality of travelling during the RMCO period.

Apart from that, you will be extra careful and attentive of what you touch especially at the 'hot' area such as the armrest of a chair, tray at the security point and so on. Well, there is plenty of sanitizers provided throughout the airport and I suggest you keep one travel pack size (below 100ml) in your carry on bag just in case.

Of course; there are a few other things that you need to have or checked. Here is the 'Flying During RMCO Checklist'.

Before Booking :

  • Am I fit to travel

  • MyKad / MyPR / Other Related Documents In Order

  • Checked the travel updates, departure and arrival requirement based on destination

Before Heading To The Airport :

  • Go to the doctor if you have any symptom. Don't proceed if you have a fever, flu or cough

  • Pack sufficient face mask, sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes and your personal hygiene kit.

  • BYOP (bring your own pen) - to avoid contamination

  • Opt for web check-in, arrive 1 hour before departure

Don't Forget To :

  • Physical / Social Distancing at all time

  • Washing hand using water and soap as frequent as possible

  • Sanitise your hand before putting or touching your face mask

  • Change your face mask every 4 hours (if you are using a disposable mask)

  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing. Sneeze / Couch into the elbows and quickly sanitize/wash your hand right after.

  • AVOID touching MEN - Mouth, Eyes and Nose

  • Minimise contact with a high touch surface and items



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