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The New Normal - Essentials Things To Pack In Your Bag

It's been almost one week since Malaysia undergo Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) and almost everyone is adapting to the #newnormal. As for now, malls and shop provide QR Code to be scanned as well as providing hand sanitizers at most places.

As for the new normal, there are several essentials things that you want to consider bringing or including in your bag.

1) Praying Attire & Mat

For Muslim ladies, you might want to pack your own telekung inside your bag and avoid using the one that is provided in the mosque or public praying place (if it is open) and do bring your own praying mat (sejadah) - yes, including the guys to avoid sharing with others especially personal items.

2) Facemask

Facemask is a MUST and always carry extra in your bag and because most of the malls, shop and eateries require us to wear a mask before entering, it is best that you buy in boxes (so that you can save your money as well).

3) Plastic Bag

Do keep a plastic bag or a roll of it in your car, so that it is easier for you to discard and throw the mask away safely and obviously not littering anywhere. Or else, just buy the re-useable mask.

Tips : Save the environment ! Buy eco-friendly mask or bag. Not only you are saving yourself, you are helping the environment too

4) Hand Sanitizer

Besides the mask, hand sanitizer is another thing that you need to carry always. Although nearly every mall and shop provide it, you might want to keep one in your bag just in case you need to pump the petrol, pushing lift buttons or something else that require you to sanitize or wash your hands afterwards.

5) Wet Wipes

Although almost every premise is required to sanitized whatever they are using (eg : table, chair handle, door handle etc) but just to be safe, wipe it again using your wet wipes because there are several 'cases' that happen in front of me that the workers are not cleaning and sanitize their items correctly and some of the cases they hold the items after touching their hair, nose etc (cross-contamination). So, do find and keep at least a pack of an anti-bacterial wipe.

6) Pen

In some places, they might not have a QR Code, so we are required to give our details manually by writing in the book (some places even ask us to do both - idk why) and having your own pen will help.



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