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The New ‘No Walls’ Hotel Concept In Switzerland Become A Hit Among Traveller

Just when you thought 2020 is going to end badly due to the pandemic, along comes a new hotel concept in Switzerland. Although it might sound weird and un-imaginable; but you need to give credits to the creativity here.

Apparently, this particular hotel owner is offering “rooms” that don’t have walls! Yes, you read it right; it is a hotel and it won't have a wall. Just imagine; open space, prime stargazing from the comfort of your own bed and to top that, you will have your own private butler.

Initially, Hotel Ostschweiz started as an art installation and according to the website; it consists of seven hotel suites without walls and roof. It will be at seven selected locations. Apparently, they will have a ‘backup space’ if the weather is not on their side.

The rooms are opening in July and there’s already a huge demand…

Rooms start from 295 (Swiss Franc) per night or roughly around RM1,326 per night and as for now; 2 of the rooms are fully booked out for the rest of 2020 and amazingly there are 9,000 people on the waiting list.

This really is taking the new hotel concept to a whole different level. Some might see it as paying for a bed in a field, but in our digital world, this might be just the escape many people need.


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