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The New 1000 Thai Baht Is Big, And You Might Need A Special Sized Wallet For It!

While most part of the world are busy keeping the COVID-19 case low, our neighbour in Thailand might have a new headache to tackle - to find a suitable wallet for their odd-sized Baht note.

Recently, the Thailand government has just launched the new 1,000 Thai baht notes which won’t even fit in your regular wallet.

The new banknotes were actually released to commemorate the anniversary of His Majesty the King’s Coronation, and it is also printed in orientation with 3D magnetic ink to prevent counterfeiting.

The new notes somehow have a huge Thai King face on one side and not only that, the size is also way bigger compared to other notes, and it's way too big to fit in any regular wallet! Normally, Thai baht banknotes are no larger than 72x162mm but the new 1000 Baht have an unusual 127×181mm size and changed orientation.

On many previous auspicious occasions, the Bank of Thailand has released commemorative banknotes, but they were never as big as the one released recently.



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