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Taiwan’s Famous 24-Hour Popular Bookstore Chains Is Coming To Malaysia Soon

Eslite, one of Taiwan’s most popular bookstore chains will make its first debut in Southeast Asia and the famous bookstore chains will make it way to Kuala Lumpur in 2021 according to Oriental Daily News.

Although the exact opening date is yet to be confirmed, the new bookstore – are estimated to span up to a sprawling 6,600 square metres in retail space – will be located in downtown Kuala Lumpur. 

The opening of the outlet in Malaysia is a stepping stone for the company to expand their coverage to the Southeast Asian region; at present, it has over 40 branches in Taiwan alone, including a children’s bookstore and several music stores, with a retail presence across Japan, China and Hong Kong as well.  

Those who have been to Taipei might be familiar with Eslite’s Dunnan outlet, which made headlines for being the world’s first 24-hour bookstore. Unfortunately, this branch just had its final weekend of operations, officially closing its doors for good on 31 May. 

More than just a mega-bookstore, Eslite gained a following as a retail haven selling everything from jewellery and accessories to perfume and gourmet foods. It also boasts one of the largest collections of English language publications in Taiwan. 



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