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Survey : Top Travel Trends Among Malaysians In 2021

2021 is going to be a year focusing on loved ones and making a difference indeed.

Research has found that the desire for travel, connection, significance and quality with loved ones remains bright despite the challenges and difficulties of 2020.

Although, it's still too early to say anything regarding travelling in 2021,according to a global survey from digital travel platform, Agoda, one in three people are most looking forward to spending more quality time with loved ones this year, followed by being able to travel unhindered (24%) and doing things that matter or make a difference (21%).

The survey concluded that respondents age 55 and above were most looking forward to travelling unhindered, while those between ages 25-54 were keen to spend quality time with family and friends, and youths (18-24) were most excited about making a difference in 2021.

The ‘What Matters 2021’ survey for Agoda also found that globally people are committed to traveling differently in 2021. Planning to travel more with friends and family in 2021, taking more spontaneous trips as well as making more eco-friendly travel choices are the top three travel priorities in the new year.

Globally; these are the Top things people are most looking forward to in 2021:

  • Spending more quality time with loved ones is what most people from the United Kingdom (UK) and Thailand, the United States (US), the Philippines, Malaysia and China are most looking forward to in 2021.

  • Being able to travel unhindered is what Singaporeans, South Koreans and Japanese are most looking forward to doing in the new year.

  • Doing things that matter or make a difference is what Indonesians, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese are most looking forward to.

  • Getting closer to nature and the great outdoors is second on the list for Thais, and third for Japanese.

  • Fewer are looking forward to going back to the workplace in 2021. Respondents from China (1.2%), Japan (1.5%) and UK (2%) have the smallest proportion that are looking forward to being done with remote working, while Filipinos (9%), Vietnamese (7%) and Indonesians (7%) are more likely to look forward to returning to office.

  • Attending live, sporting or large-scale events is second least popular on the list, but those from US (8%), UK (8%) and Japan (7%) are more likely to look forward to that.

Note : All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Singapore PTE Limited. Total sample size was 16,064 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 10th and 16th December.


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