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Singapore Airlines Cancels 'Flights To Nowhere'

Singapore Airlines officially cancelled their 'flights to nowhere' after an outcry over the environmental impact.

With the aviation industry in deep crisis, several carriers – including in Australia, Japan and Taiwan – have been offering short flights that start and end at the same airport to raise cash and also boosting its coronavirus-hit finances.

The flights are designed for travel-starved people keen to fly at a time of virus-related restrictions and have proved surprisingly popular.

Following a review, the Singapore's flag carrier – which has grounded nearly all its planes and cut thousands of jobs ditch the plan.

The carrier has come up with alternative ideas to raise revenue, including offering customers tours of aircraft and offering them the chance to dine inside an Airbus A380, the world's biggest commercial airliner.

Environmental activists had voiced opposition to Singapore Airlines launching "flights to nowhere", with group SG Climate Rally saying they would encourage "carbon-intensive travel for no good reason." - AFP


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