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Shipwreck Diving At Kuching

Just days after Pearl Harbor attack, Japan launched a massive invasion in South East Asia and Kuching was one of its main target for control over Borneo. News of the fleet sailing to Kuching was received by America’s allies, the Dutch and with their submarine division in Terakan, they set course to intercept.

Due to what happened in 1941, there is multiple ships wreck that lies at the bottom of the ocean’s floor and the area now is regarded as one of the most beautiful scuba diving spots among diver from all around the world.

Annually, the diving season in Kuching start in April and end somewhere around September or October.

There are several diving sites around Kuching, and you might want to experience diving at one of it.

Katori Maru – WWII Wreck Dive

Broken into separates part, the Katori Maru spread over a wide area with only the bow section stand as the tallest bit.

Depth: 22m

Rating: Advanced Open Water

Interest: Historical wreck, barracuda, black coral, sun coral and grouper.

Do note that the visibility is low over here and the current is strong.

Getting There: 1 hour 15 minutes fast boat ride from Santubong.

Hiyoshi Maru – WWII Wreck Diveis

Although the wreck has been underwater for a long time, the whole structure of it are still intact. It can be seen from the surface if the condition and visibility are good.

You are able to navigate from one section to another in this 130 metre length and 30 metre wide wreck.

Depth : 21m bottom – 16m deck

Rating: Advance Open Water

Interest: Historical wreck, yellowtail snapper, lobster, turtle, rabbitfish and stingray.

Do note that the current is quite strong and there will be low visibility as well.

Sagiri – WWII Wreck Drive (Destroyer)is

Located at the 26m depth, the Sagiri are recently found and most feature of a destroyer ship is still intact. The guns and ammunition can still be spotted on the deck, although it is almost fully covered by corals.

Depth: 26m

Rating: Advanced Open Water

Interest: Historical wreck, destroyer wreck, cannon, guns and ammo.

Expect strong current and low visibility on site.

China Wreck – Artificial

Also known as TK Wreck as it was actually an illegal fishing trawler from China and was caught by the Marine Department. The ship later sank as an artificial reef at the site located about 1 hour and 30 minutes journey from Santubong.

Depth: 25

Rating: Advance Open Water

Interest: Artificial Wreck, grouper and snapper

Barge Wreck – Commercial Ship

Depth: 30

Rating Advance Open Water

Interest : Artificial Wreck, schooling fish



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