Sarawak Travel Checklist: 5 Ultimate Things To Do – At Least Once In A Lifetime

Planning is definitely one of the important parts of traveling. This is the most exciting thing to do, especially when it comes to fulfilling our wanderlust. If you have never been to Sarawak, I hope this will spark some interest to come here.

Honestly, there is so much #MoreToDiscover in Sarawak, and you can check our postings as well.

With that being said, here is the list of 10 ultimate things to do in Sarawak at least once in your lifetime.

#1. Climb the Mulu Pinnacle

If you love challenges, you might want to climb this beautiful rock formation at Mulu National Park. If you ask anyone that manages to reach the summit of Mulu Pinnacles, for sure they will say that it is a one-off experience, no other climb can be this challenging.

The climb is said tougher than climbing Mount Kinabalu and will also take you to all sorts of adventures. But, before going there, do note that you are not permitted to climb the pinnacle without a licensed guide. You may book via and it will cost around RM 443 including guides, boat and camp fees, and the duration of 3 days and 2 nights.

#2. Have a go of any authentic Sarawak food

Sarawak is well known because of its diversity and this includes a wide range of authentic food that is very synonymous with the state. One of them is ‘Sarawak Laksa’ which described as ‘breakfast of the Gods’ by the late celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain.

Other than laksa, our personal choice will be the Kolok Mee or you should try tribal food, such as Manuk Pansuh and more.

#3. Experience the Rainforest World Music Festival

The Rainforest World Music Festivals was awarded as one of the best world music festivals for 6 consecutive years. This annual music festival held at a rainforest setting at Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV), and every year, the 3-days-festival will feature an amazing line-up of various artists from all over the world.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most likely that the 2020 festival will be canceled. We will update if there are any changes to this.

#4. Stay or at least experience the lifestyle in a longhouse

There are so many reasons to travels. It can be to chill at a luxurious resort, have a sun-bathing on a beautiful beach and many other possible reasons. The most common is people travel to find a meaningful experience.

If one day; you decided to come over to Sarawak, make sure that you experience staying or at least visiting a traditional longhouse here.

Depending on the longhouse, most of them will feature the unique