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Qantas Airways ‘Flights To Nowhere’

A growing trend in Asia of “flights to nowhere” that take off and land at the same airport has now spread with a recent announcement by Qantas Airways of their latest offer of seven-hour scenic flight over Australia next month.

Tough border restrictions to keep the coronavirus under control have led to a 97.5% plunge in international travel in the region, according to the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines.

For the 'flights to nowhere'; Qantas said it would use a Boeing Co 787 typically used for long-haul international flights for the flight.

They will start the journey in Sydney before flying at low levels over Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour before landing back in Sydney. Tickets will cost between A$787 and A$3,787 (RM2,324 and RM11,185) depending on the seating class.

The flight will be carbon offset and operate on a cost-neutral basis, Qantas said, amid some concerns being raised on social media over the environmental impact of such flights.

Qantas added that they manage to sold 196 tickets that depart on 10th October for all classes within 10 minutes.

The concept of scenic flights is not new. Antarctica Flights has chartered Qantas jets for scenic flights over Antarctica for 26 years.



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