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One In Three Global Destinations Shut To Tourism

According to the United Nations travel body, almost one-third of the world's destinations are currently unavailable to foreign visitors owing to the pandemic.

Last year, some governments began to relax their travel controls, but this pattern was reversed when new virus strains appeared and because of "the continuing severity of the epidemiological situation" according to the statement by UNTWO.

Start of February, 69 destinations out of 217 worldwide, or 32 per cent, were completely closed to international tourism - including 30 in Asia and the Pacific, 15 in Europe and 11 in Africa.

The UN body said there was a trend towards a "more nuanced, evidence and risk-based approach" to travel restrictions, such as requiring international tourists to provide a negative test on arrival.

One-third of all international destinations currently require the presentation of a negative examination as a primary admission criterion, which is often paired with quarantine.

Travel bans have been commonly used to halt the virus's spread. As we work to resurrect tourism, but we must recognize that regulations are just one component of the solution.

International tourist arrivals fell by one billion, or 74 per cent, in 2020, according to the UNWTO, which called it the "the worst year in tourism history".

Malaysia is among one of it that badly affected. Statistically, we dived 83.4% or received only 4.3 millions international visitors, compared to 26 millions in 2019.



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