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Nutritionists Offer Tips On When To Eat On The Day Of Your Flight

With the holiday season approaching and vaccination rates on the rise, it's no surprise that more people are flying.

Passengers are dehydrated by the low humidity and dry air in the plane's cabin, and the atmospheric pressure isn't exactly conducive to digestion. There are, however, some measures that can be taken to help keep things in check.

Experts offer tips on how to time your pre-flight meals and choose food that will keep you fuelled for the journey.

“It’s wise to eat a meal at home ― of course, time permitting ― before a flight,” said Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, a registered dietitian based in New York City.

That way, she explained, you can avoid the foods and drinks that are often bad for digestion and promote further dehydration in the terminal. You'll also be less likely to eat on the plane, according to Beckerman.

If you can't eat at home, Jonathan Valdez, owner of Genki Nutrition and media spokesperson for the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, recommends having your pre-flight meal about an hour before departure.

"This will give your body time to digest your food and use the restroom as needed before boarding," he explained.

Preparation is key when it comes to flight-day meals, especially if you have any dietary restrictions or sensitivities.

"Before flying, people should think about their own personal eating and snacking habits," Beckerman said. "Bring a snack that you enjoy, such as fresh fruit and peanut butter or hummus and whole grain crackers, if you know you'll be eating on a plane."

Celery and carrots (which you could also dip in the aforementioned peanut butter or hummus) and packets of nuts like almonds (ideally without extra salt) are other portable snacks that can be great for travel.

Returning to the topic of dehydration, try to stay away from sodium and diuretic drinks like coffee and alcohol.

"Drink plenty of water before and during your flight to prevent dehydration and aid digestion," Valdez advised.

Source : Huffpost



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