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Monsoon Transitional Phase, Expect Thunderstorms EveryDay - MET Malaysia

MET Malaysia in a press release statement yesterday announce that we will experiene a monsoon transitional phase that expected to start tomorrow (24th September 2020 ) until early November.

The beginning of this phase marks the end of the Southwest Monsoon which has started since 18 May 2020.

During this period, the sky will usually sunny in the morning and most areas in the region of the country will receive weak winds from various directions that result in a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

Usually, during the period; common weather conditions are thunderstorms and heavy rain along with strong winds in a short period of time especially in the evening and early evening in most states on the west and inland coasts of the Peninsula, west of Sabah and areas west and central Sarawak.

People are advised to avoid being in open areas and stay away from unsightly structures and do not touch iron objects, goods or electrical cables during a thunderstorm. Latest weather information and forecasts can be obtained through the website, myCuaca mobile app, social media, RakanMET and Hotline of the Malaysian Meteorological Department.

For those who are planning to travel during this time, we suggest that you pack along with a poncho or an umbrella. Seek shelter in the building if there is a thunderstorm and follow the advice mentioned above.



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