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Minimalist Photography - Bring Impact On Your Next Travel Photo

When choosing images for your travel-related content, try to grab your followers attention by using techniques from minimalist photography.

The above image is striking to me for several reasons.

Mostly, I get a sense of calm, peace, and relaxation. If you’re writing an article on a place to get total serenity, for example, would this image engage a viewer looking for your list?

When searching for captivating images, sometimes simplicity is the answer.

What is minimalist photography?

Minimalist photography features simplicity in composition and tells a story using only the most essential elements.

It’s like a short story told in the fewest words possible for emotional impact.

The image explores the relationship between the subject and the viewer by isolating the subject with minimal surrounding distractions.

How To Create Minimalist Photo?

#1. Select images with simple compositions that utilize negative space to singularly focus on the subject.

#2. Choose subjects that attract curiosity, emotion, or interest.

#3. Use images with a pop of colour against muted background tones. Or use a black and white aesthetic to communicate a more intimate mood.

#4. Pick images with textures or sharp lines that draw the eye.

#5. Add images that evoke a feeling from the viewer that match your content, instead of pictures with a more literal match.



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