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Melaka Has Been Named One Of The Top Trendy Tourism Destinations For 2022, the accommodation booking giant, has several surprises in store for the coming year, along with some truly out-of-this-world top trending destinations.

Forget about New York, Los Angeles, and even Chicago; Atlanta is the US destination that should be all the rage next year, as tourism enters a critical year. According to, which has come up with eight ideas for getting off the beaten path in your 2022 vacations, "getting off the beaten track" is the way to go.

With its list of "top trending" destinations for 2022, the platform highlights cities that are rarely considered stop-off points for vacations.

Outside the US, has some hot tips for travel in Asia. One of them is Taiwan's second-largest city, Taichung which located just over two hours' drive from the capital Taipei, where curious tourists are expected to explore its historical temples and fascinating past.

Eight top trending travel destinations to explore in 2022, according to

1. Atlanta, USA 2. Taichung, Taiwan 3. Gramado, Brazil 4. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 5. Brasov, Romania 6. Llandudno, UK 7. Montpellier, France 8. Melaka, Malaysia

Source : The Vibes



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