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Melaka Has A New Upcoming 'Star' - Bas Singgah-Singgah

The Melaka government yesterday introduced its latest attraction, electric-powered buses for tourists, in a bid to boost the domestic tourism industry which has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and ready to be used by March or April 2021.

The electric-powered buses will begin their services from Melaka Sentral and pass through nine or 14 stations covering tourist areas, including the Melaka Zoo, Taming Sari Tower, United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Heritage (UNESCO) World Heritage Site around Banda Hilir, before heading for Klebang.

During a site visit yesterday; they visited the stations starting from Melaka Sentral, Zoo Melaka, Bangunan Merah, Muzium Samudera, Menara Taming Sari, Muzium Kapal Selam and Dataran Klebang before returns to Melaka Sentral.

With a capacity of 40 passengers, he said the fully electric-powered, green-technology concept buses with Virtual Augmented Reality (VAR) Goggle, will have wi-fi facilities as well air-conditioned and open space for tourists.

Using the concept of 'drop-on' and 'hop-off', there will be 4 units of buses available with specific schedule and timing of bus at each station as well as ticket purchasing.

According to The Sun, Payments will be via top-up cards, valued between RM20 and RM30, which can be used for a certain period of time.


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