Maldives Travel Guide - Things You Need To Know About Travelling Here

Maldives Travel Guide, What You Need To Know

Looking at the photos of the Maldives, most people will directly fell in love and make it as their ‘must-see’ destination. Named the ‘No. 1 Best Places to Visit in Asia’, the scenic beauty of the Maldives is hard to explain until you have seen it yourself.

The Maldives is a nation that consists of 1192 islands and located in the Indian Ocean and covers an area approximately around 90,000 square kilometres but only 298 square kilometres consists of dry land. The islands here are grouped into a double chain of 26 atolls.

Because of the unique characteristics, visitor often will mesmerize by the beauty of the island not only what they have above the water but underneath it as well. The Maldives is home to an estimated 5% of the planet’s reef that is so colourful, striking and this is because of the soft and hard corals that available in the area.

Lured by the rich nutrients, large fishes such as the whale shark and the manta ray makes the Maldives as their home.

Travel Information

Electricity – 240 volts

For the Maldives, there are six associated plug types, C, D, G, J, K and L, which are displayed below.

Mobile Services – Prepaid SIM cards available from two mobile providers and it can be bought at the airport.

Currency – The local currency is The Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) and all major credit cards are accepted in the country.

Travel and Transfer – Speedboat transfer is the norm to resorts that are close to the International Airport but the rest is covered either by domestic flights or seaplane.

Weather – Expect hot tropical climate all year round. On average, high temperature is somewhere around 31.5 degree Celsius while the low temperature is around 26.4 degree Celsius.

Clothing – Because of the hot tropical climate, it is advisable that you stick to cotton-based clothes. Do note that tourists are expected to respect the local culture and dress modestly when visiting or staying on inhabited islands. Sandals or flip flops are ideal as you might end up going barefoot to walk on the beautiful white sands.

Maldives Travel Tips

As we said earlier, the overall weather of the island is warm and sunny year-round but that also means that they consist of the dry season and a wet, rainy season. Of course, there are pros and cons of visiting the islands during the wet or dry seasons but in general, most travellers prefer to visit the Maldives between November and April because it is warm but bare in mind that it also the busiest time of the year. Hence, the room rate is pricey.

The Maldives will experience rainy seasons from May to October and visitors most likely to find better deals and this time of year is popular among surfers as well.

Pro Travel Tips :
Tap Water is desalinated – the tap water is okay for showering, brushing teeth but never to drink. It is advisable that you stock up a few bottled water at a local store in Male before heading to your hotel because it can be really expensive. 

Accommodations In Maldives

If you want to find ‘budget’ hotels, you may try your luck because it doesn’t exist here. If you find one, do double-check it, because even the low-end resorts have hefty price tags.

If you are on a tight budget, the only options are to ditch the luxury resort and look for affordable guest houses, inns or maybe vacations rentals on local islands.

Do check the rates and understand what are you paying for. According to most travellers, what cost them the most on the islands are the food.

Best Things To Do In Maldives

With 1,192 islands (only 200 are inhabited), you've got plenty of territories to explore. Despite the numerous isles, most visitors simply lounge at the palatial resort of their choice.

Many vacationers head to the Maldives solely to relax on the beach and most island resorts offer their own private stretches of sand, complete with lounge chairs and umbrellas.