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Malaysians Can Now Travel To These 10 Beautiful Quarantine-Free Countries

The Malaysian government finally announced the relaxation of interstate and international travel restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals from October 11 onwards, as the nation's vaccination rate reached 90%.

While the country's borders remain closed to foreign visitors, Malaysians who have been completely vaccinated are finally permitted to travel internationally for pleasure after being unable to do so for more than a year.

Do note that, individuals who have been fully vaccinated can travel overseas starting October 11th without needing to register for a MyTravelPass permission and before re-entering Malaysia, travellers must pass two swab tests: one before flying back and another upon landing.

Travellers must quarantine for seven days after returning to Malaysia; however, self-quarantine at home is permitted.
While Malaysians are now permitted to go abroad, different nations have different travel restrictions, with many requiring travellers to complete a pre-departure questionnaire.

10 Quarantine-Free Countries Malaysians Can Now Travel To

  1. United Kingdom

  2. Thailand

  3. Canada

  4. Switzerland

  5. France

  6. UAE

  7. The Maldives

  8. Nepal

  9. Sri Lanka

  10. Turkey



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