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Kuching’s Hidden Gem: Lakey Island

Located near the Bako National Park, there is an island that is known for recreational deep fishing and according to the locals, it is legendary as well as mystifying.

Lakey Island or some spell it as Lakei Island can be accessed by boat from Bako Jetty.

There is a small beach that is so beautiful and the water is clear. Corals in the shallow water can be spotted and as you know when there is coral, there will be fishes. On another note, Pulau Lakei or Lakei Island is reported to be one of the few nesting ground for White - nest Swiftlet.

Besides that, there are a lot more activities can be done in Lakey Island, such as hiking – where you can hike to the top and see the beautiful surroundings or you can have a dip in the sea or just spend quality times with your friends or family here.

There are also several facilities available on the island such as gazebos, toilet, BBQ pit and more!

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