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Is It Safe To Stay In A Hotel Right Now?

We can assure, this is the most common questions being asked worldwide, and it's not only applicable to hotels but to all accommodations such as resort, bnb and others.

From our observations; so far... most of the hotels that we visited during the pandemic are performing most of the health safety precautions set by the government such as temperature check, MySejahtera check-in, providing sanitizers, 1 meter social distancing and et cetera.

We can assure that most of the major hotel chains know that cleanliness is a top concern for travellers right now. In response, most have rolled out increased cleaning protocols that they’ve made available online.

Here’s how to Stay In A Hotel safely

#1. Check any published cleaning standards for the hotel

Announcement by Hilton

The most easy way is by going to the hotel's social media channel. If they didn't have any, try to find their website. Since cleanliness is the most discussed topic, any hotel would proudly show what they have done to their hotels to gain their guest trust.

You can always call the hotel and ask about their cleaning procedure. Remember that places that have nothing to hide will be happy to share the information with you.

#2. Consider the hotel size

Of course, the bigger it is, the better physical distancing can be assured. But then, if it's in a popular area, do take note that there will be travellers from many places, and this again will increase the risk but again; it is still a better option than a small, independent property.

The rational is, a big hotel or property probably also has a really large lobby, a hotel restaurant where people can be spaced out, and resources to have more cleaning staff.

Another option would be looking for a bungalow-style hotel or motel, where each room has its own entrance and hallways are more like outdoor walkways - this will minimize the risk and also you don’t have to worry about air circulation or elevators or anything else.

Additional note : Most of the hotels require the guests to wear a mask at any common area, restaurant and other public sharing space. 

#3. The Elevator

Before booking a room in a high-rise hotel, you’ll want to think about how you’ll handle elevator protocol. To avoid elevators entirely, you may even want to call ahead and ask for a ground room floor or one on a level low enough that you can access it via the stairs.

Again, on our visit to a resort (Residence Inn Cherating) a few weeks back, they only allowed 2 in their elevator, since theirs is quite small and sanitizers are provided at the lift entrance.

#4. Arriving at the hotel

Anytime you’re in an indoor public area of a hotel (a lobby, hallway, elevator, etc.), you should wear a mask.

Secondly, sanitize the key-card (if they aren't using contactless) after you receive it from the front desk and once you get into the room, the first order of business is washing your hands and sanitizing your suitcase.

Just for precautions, you might want to bring your own anti-bacterial wipes and wipe things that might slip during the cleaning process by hotel staff such as phones, countertops, desks, door handles, taps, toilet handles and remote control of the tv and aircond.

You can also bring some ziplock bag and put the remote inside so that you won't touch it directly.

#5. Housekeeping

In some hotels, they do change their housekeeping policy due to the pandemic and cleaning only be done as per request, so they can minimize exposure to others. If that's the case, then it should be safe.

You can always call down to the front desk whenever you need fresh towels or more toiletries.



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