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Ice Cream Gula Apong – A Must Try Dessert In Kuching

If you ask me what is so unique about Malaysia other than the culture, the people and the destinations; I would say the food! As you probably know, Malaysia consist of 14 states and most of the state will have their own signature dishes and some of it offers an awesome range of desserts as well.

In Sarawak, Kuching to be precise, other than the layer cake; you should also try the authentic palm sugar ice-cream or the locals called it Gula Apong Ice Cream. It is quite popular among the locals and if you want to indulge you sweet tooth; a gula apong ice cream is a must-try.

metersRank number 4 in Trip Advisor’s best dessert in Kuching list, DP Ice Cream Gula Apong is the best place in town.

Located at the Wayang Street (new location from the KapitHotel), you can find the famous DP Ice Cream Gula Apong in the same row as the Quiick Cat, besides the St Mary’s School. Simply walk around 500 meter from Kuching Waterfront via Jalan Main Bazaar and you can find this famous ice cream shop that opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

The speciality of this ice cream is that it has gula apong blended in the ice cream, with more gula apong syrup poured on the top of it. You can also add toppings such as Oreo or Nestum crumbles or both for free!

Packed with the full and bold flavour of gula apong, big serving and customised topping, surely MYR2 for a small cup and MYR5 for a big cup spent here will be worth it!

Wanna try the ice cream? We can arrange it for you and includes it in our packages as well! 
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