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How and When We Will Travel Again Post COVID-19?

It may seem like there will be no end to travel halts around the world with the coronavirus cases rise daily. Some country and many travelers are looking forward to a recovery period and to be able to travel free without worries of the pandemic.

For the last few months, both international and domestic flights around the world are having huge drops in passengers as more country apply travel restriction in and out.

Without doubt, current travel and tourism scene are badly affected and considering the situation in China, domestic travel may recover earlier as most country and travellers will remain domestic and some might avoid travel for months to come.

A recent report by Forbes mentioned that 58% of Americans are planning to travel between May and September with condition that their destination are not in quarantine and quarter from that will avoid major cities and public transportation while others choose to travel domestic.

If you are looking to fly out soon or in future, there are few tips you can follow to make sure that you stay healthy throughout the trip:

  • Stay hydrated

  • Wipe down seats, belts, screens, windows and meal trays and don’t forget the armrest

  • Bring your own pillow and blanket (if you can)

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and face

  • Wear a face mask

  • Don’t forget to sanitize your hands

Be extra careful and hygienic as well, but don’t be too paranoid. Stay safe, relax and enjoy your flight!
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