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Gringotts Bank 'Discovered' In Taiwan

For a muggle like you, Gringotts Bank or in full Gringotts Wizarding Bank is the only bank of the wizarding world, and is owned and operated by goblins in the Harry Potter universe and obviously, a fictional bank.

As the Covid-19 pandemic takes a toll on the tourism industry, one place in Taiwan has managed to attract the attention of foreigners and it’s all because of its sudden emptiness and one Reddit user notice it looks like the Gringotts Bank.

Used to be full of tourists, the Miyahara Ice Cream store in Taichung was photograph nearly completely empty!

The social media user then posted the photo with a comment, “Never seen this place so empty,” surprisingly leading many other foreigners to enquire after the location and the building’s history.

With the ice cream shop’s vast interior and intricate designs in full view, one Reddit user asked if the picture was a scene from Hogwarts, while another seconded the comment, replying that it reminded him of “Gringotts”, the wizard bank in the Harry Potter universe.

The Real Deal

Miyahara Ice Cream, once an optometry store, was built in the 1930s during the Japanese occupation era in Taiwan and no, it is not a Harry Potter film location since the 'actual' interior of Gringotts Bank is actually the Australia House in London.

When Taiwan came under the KMT government’s rule, the eye doctor and founder returned back to Japan, and thus, the building was seized by Taichung city authorities.

Miyahara building was later renovated in 2010 and began attracting more people after it began selling pineapple cakes and other Taiwanese delicacies, becoming the popular must-visit spot it is today.



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